In a small village mosar (in some sources Mosor) is partially preserved Sretenskaya церковь, arriving in an abandoned form. The temple is located on the outskirts of the local arable field, at the fork to the left of the reservoir. There are enough similar ruins in the Vitebsk region: Gubino, Settlement, Martinovo, Candle, Slobodka and many others.

*Do not confuse this village with another famous place in the Vitebsk region - Mosar, there is Church of St. Anne.

The temple was erected in 1860. Abandoned at the beginning of the 20th century, approximately in 1914-17. Most likely after that it was empty and was not used.

Church of the Presentation of the Lord in Mosar made of stone, the architectural style is difficult to determine, but probably pseudo-Russian. Most likely, there used to be a bell tower, from which nothing has been preserved.

abandoned church

Getting to the abandoned church will not be so easy. The village of Mosar is located a few kilometers from the highway Lepel – Polotskbefore reaching the village of Ushachi. Reference point - Lake Masarskoe, keep left at the fork.

Below is a point with the location of the ruins of the temple:

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