If you came to Belarus, then you have probably already learned about many of the features of our country. There are products of which we are proud and souvenirs that are not found anywhere else. And since any journey always ends with a return home, we put together a list of what to bring from Belarus as a gift.

tomb of the Sventorzhetsky family 

  1. Sweets from Belarus

Confectionery factory from Bobruisk, "Red food worker“, produces excellent sweets. They are loved by locals and guests alike. Feel free to give as a gift. Recommended:

sweets “Belarusachka”, you definitely haven’t tried such a delicacy. Plus, the packaging is on the move and stylistically pleasing.
Magical flute. Great option for foreigners. Brought to friends in the US were delighted.
Marmalade with unusual flavors.
Natural halva will also be a great gift.

2. Alcohol

Everyone has their own attitude to alcohol, but it so happened that bringing alcohol is almost a tradition. Belarus has its own interesting options. Tinctures, strong alcohol, local beer and moonshine.

Moonshine - at least arouse interest
We have seasonal beer options that will definitely fit as a gift. For example, Alivarya “Kalyadny Tsud” in winter.

3. Linen products

A good option to bring linen towels from Belarus as a gift. They are inexpensive and look very good. Sold in all state shopping centers, GUMs and TSUMs.

4. The Minsk watch factory “Luch”, unlike many enterprises in Belarus, has managed to adapt to the modern market and makes cool products that will be a good present from a trip. There are branded outlets and shops throughout the country, prices are average.

5. Condensed milk from Glubokoye or Rogachev

Belarus is famous for its condensed milk, especially the classic one in a blue can, which is according to GOST. You can find it in many hypermarkets. And if you travel around the country, then why not look into Rogachev? Buy the freshest condensed milk and see more sights of the region.

6. Products with the symbols Bison or Stork

There is a universal answer to the question of what to bring from Belarus as a gift - items with symbols of the country. Most Popular - aurochs and stork. Finding something interesting is not a problem.

7. Belarusian cosmetics

You can find it in any mall or even online store. What firms? Vitex, Belita, Sativa, Belkosmex and others.

8 Mark Formelle Socks

Belarusian manufacturer of knitwear, which is preferred by many residents of the country. Particularly stand out - bright socks with drawings. They are sold in branded stores and are quite inexpensive.

9. A little more about symbols and associations: embroidery, chase, magnets and more

Any items with Belarusian ornaments will be a nice gift. Often sold in specialized stores and souvenir shops.

what to bring from belarus as a gift

10. Books by our authors

Belarus is famous for its talented writers, if you decide to opt for such a gift, then our material will help you: 10 books by Belarusian writers worth knowing.

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