Hundreds of materials have been published on our website on attractions, in each article we called you to go to tours in Belarus. For convenience, we have compiled for you lists of various offers from guides. You can read more about each tour, see reviews, calendar and prices.

tours in Belarus

Castles and popular places

Mir and Nesvizh. Speaking about excursions in Belarus, they almost always mean the castle in Mir and the palace in Nesvizh. All the same, this is one of the most famous tourist places in the country.

Kossovo and Ruzhany. These castles are less known, but are not inferior in their architecture. The Kossovo Palace is a completely restored monument. The Ruzhany Palace is under reconstruction, but the ruins are even more impressive somewhere.

Excursion to Dudutki. A unique location where an old way of life is built. The road to the museum takes less than an hour, the price is $24 per person.

Industrial excursion to BELAZ. If the sights are not so interesting to you, then it will definitely be interesting to look at the huge Belaz. On the tour they will show how the legendary equipment is made, for an additional fee you can even ride.

The most popular excursions in Belarus

If you are going to Belarus for the first time, then of course you should carefully study Minsk.

Overview of Minsk (prices start at $10 per person or $40 per tour).

Field trips around Belarus (excursions from $120).

Excursions that kids will love.

After that, it is worth smoothly moving to the regional centers: Grodno, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Brest и Gomel. Excursions are in demand in these cities.

But do not stop there, there are a huge number of worthy places in our country. On the attractions map objects for independent trips are marked. However, there are also worthy organized excursions to the corners of Belarus:

Excursion to Khatyn. Bus tour from Minsk for about 5 hours with a professional guide.

Pearls of Belarus. Composite tour by bus, which includes several bright places of the country at once. Yours is waiting museum-estate Zalesie, church in Gervyaty, Solah, as well as the cities of Ostrovets and Smorgon. Saturated excursion program for the day.

Excursion to the Brest Fortress. Another attraction of Belarus, which perhaps everyone has heard of. Day trip, over 15 hours.

See our materials on Minsk, and you may also find it useful travel applications.

Reviews about excursions

Before choosing an excursion, be sure to read the reviews, as well as the program. Do not forget that even the best excursion may not suit you for a variety of reasons. (long, short, far, in English, etc.)

Where else to watch tours?

Viator – here you will find great options in different languages. Ideal if friends or foreign guests come to you.

Sputnik – a large selection of excursions around Minsk.

tripster – unusual options from local guides.

A little about the sights of Belarus

Sights of Belarus is a storehouse of architectural and cultural monuments that keep the spirit of many centuries and cultural heritage. Yes, Blue-eyed cannot boast of an abundance of iconic historical sites like many European countries, but at the same time, we also have something to see!

Castles of Belarus - Kosava

Not everything was destroyed, burned and destroyed during the periods of numerous wars that took place on our territory. Many sights of Belarus managed to be preserved, brought into divine form and restored to their former grandeur.

Ruzhany Palace Sapieha

More historical places are waiting for their reconstruction. And even those historical sites that for some reason did not make it to the list of places for restoration deserve special attention.

Ruins - Trinity Church of the 17th century in the village of Belaya Tserkov (Chereya)

They keep the spirit of the era in which they were built, they have their own unique atmosphere, and the elements of abandonment, neglect and decay serve as a kind of contrast with the former greatness.

So feel free to choose interesting excursions in Belarus and get to know the country with the right guides.

Interesting sights in the city of Mozyr

Belarus will be of interest to everyone who is interested in history and church architecture, churches, estate complexes, fortresses, castles and others. The main sights belong to the period of the 17th-20th centuries, however, a number of buildings and structures of the high and late Middle Ages have also been preserved.

Sights in Belarus - Mir Castle

In addition, the architecture is presented in different styles: baroque и classicism, Gothic and Neo-Gothic, Art Nouveau and Rococo, Empire and Stalinist Empire, eclecticism and Renaissance.

tomb of the Svyatopolk-mundane

The peculiarity of the sights of our country is that many historical monuments cannot be attributed to one specific style, their mixture prevails, for example, elements of baroque, classicism and empire can be present in one building. This largely makes our architecture unique.

Museums of various themes and directions will help you learn as much as possible about the sights, history, culture and life of Belarusians. The main thing here is to determine what you are most interested in.

Palace of the Radziwills in Nesvizh: photos, history, dates

Often local history museums, which try to cover a wide range of topics and trends, are located in each district city. In addition, there are narrowly focused museums dedicated to a specific day.sights of Belarus, production or historical place.

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Maria Kuznetsova
Maria Kuznetsova
4 years ago

Has anyone taken an excursion to Nesvizh and Mir? Worth it to go?

Lusin Hovhannisyan
Lusin Hovhannisyan
4 years ago

Very wide choice of excursions , for every taste . Is it possible to book a few months in advance?

4 years ago

Mir and Nesvizh are definitely worth a visit with a tour. It’s not far to go, but without a good guide, just trample around, otherwise you will learn history and interesting facts.
I didn’t take a tour of Minsk, I just walked around the city