Minsk occupies a confident place in the ranking of tourist cities. Every year more and more tourists prefer the capital Belarus. Enough in the city interesting sights and historical objects. Trinity Suburb, beautiful temples, pedestrian streets and squares - all this is just a small part of the frequently visited places.

Trinity Suburb in Minsk photo

To get to know the city better, we recommend visiting unusual excursions in Minsk from local guides.

  • Mystical history of Minsk. A 2-hour walk awaits you, during which you will learn about urban legends. The tour is designed for a small group, the price is fixed.
  • About Minsk with love. This tour has one of the highest ratings. An experienced guide Vyacheslav will tell you about the most important sights of the center.
  • History of Old Minsk. City Hall, Freedom Square, Church of the Virgin Mary and other iconic places of the Upper City. This tour is perfect for getting to know the city for the first time.

Unusual excursions in Minsk

For those who want unexpected places in the capital, there are several more worthy options. For example:

Sightseeing tour of Minsk on a vintage bus ZIS-8. The ticket price is about $ 12, an audio guide in Russian or English awaits you. Visit the iconic and interesting places of the capital, including the legendary October.

Bike tour in Minsk. Look at the capital of Belarus from a different angle. You are waiting for the old quarters and secret places that only the locals know about. In addition, the tour takes place on bicycles, which sounds very tempting.

Walking program. A leisurely walk and acquaintance with the architecture of Minsk. Did you know that the House of Masons has been preserved in the city? No, then you will definitely be interested.

To enjoy walking tours, carefully read the reviews and the program.

Field trips

For who was looking for visiting tours in Belarus, collected them in a separate list. In this collection, only the most juicy and popular.

Excursion Mir – Nesvizh. Two famous sights of our country that everyone has heard of. Mir castle и Nesvizh Palace it makes sense to visit in one trip as they are close to each other.

Excursion to the BELAZ plant. One of the main industrial brands of Belarus, whose plant is located in Zhodino.

Excursion to the museum complex Dudutki. If you want to touch the history of ancient life, then this option is for you.

Where else to watch tours?

Viator – here you will find great options in different languages. Ideal if friends or foreign guests come to you.

Sputnik – a large selection of excursions around Minsk.

tripster – unusual options from local guides.

What to see in Minsk: sights and interesting places

For independent tourists what to see in Minsk in a day и main attractions.

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Sasha Poshykovich
Sasha Poshykovich
2 years ago

Minsk is a city that is much more interesting to hear about. A lot of historical sites don't look super bright or special, but there's a legend behind every building. A good guide can correctly show the capital, the main one can not make a mistake with the choice.

Well, if possible, I advise you to go to the castles - it will not be superfluous, whatever one may say, but you will like it.