About the Poshyk.info project. Contacts, cooperation, legal information.

Poshyk.info (Poshuk.info)

Greetings! I am always glad and open for cooperation. For any questions you are interested in, feel free to email: client@poshyk.info 

Can you post an event announcement?

Yes, sure. In return, I will ask you to add a link to your site.

Using your photos and texts?

90% of the photos are copyright and I strongly ask you to put a backlink when using them. Likewise with text. If you want to receive a photo in good quality without watermarks, write to the mail.

Contact details: client@poshyk.info or any social networks

How to support the Poshuk website? Any comment or feedback is already a big help, which allows you to continue and not abandon the project :). If you see critical places on the site or vulnerabilities - write to me and I will try to fix it.

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About Us

Project poshyk.info started in 2015. The main emphasis is on sights of Belarusas well as interesting places and events. At the moment, the project is non-commercial and exists on enthusiasm in his spare time from his main job.

Why don't we use the poshyk.by domain?

This domain was taken away in 2016. The site is in no way affiliated with this project.

I found a gross error on the site and it hurts my eyes, what should I do?

Please email or any social media. net.
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