Somewhere on the northeastern border Nalibokskaya Pushcha there is an agro-town Naliboki, Stolbtsovsky district, where you can see interesting bosom. The place itself is quite old, the chronicle mentions it as far back as the mid-15th century, and over its long history there have been prominent owners: the Gedigoldovichs, the Kezgayls, the Zavishis, the Shemets and the Radziwills. It was under the latter, namely Albrecht Stanislaw Radziwill, that the first wooden church was built in Naliboki (probable date of construction - 1636). This temple was destroyed and rebuilt several times, but stood until 1943. Interestingly, stone Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary They began to build next to the old wooden church back in 1935, but the work was never completed.

Catholic Church in Naliboki

Nalibaki - old photo
Old church

In this unfinished state, only the walls were ready, and the temple stood until 1990, when favorable conditions began to continue work. This is exactly what the new priest Marian Shershan took up, who managed to find the necessary funds, as well as enterprising people ready to help.

Construction of a church in Naliboki

As a result of these actions, by 1994 the church in Naliboki was officially and solemnly consecrated.

What to see in Belarus?

The architecture of the temple largely reflects the period in which it was built, there is a vibrant eclectic mixture of a variety of styles. Finding a church similar to this one in Belarus will be quite a difficult task.

Catholic Church in Naliboki

The building itself is rectangular, ends with a high two-tier apse, and asymmetrical sacristies adjoin the sides of the main volume.

Church of the Virgin Mary in Naliboki

The brick walls are decorated with arched windows along the entire perimeter, and the upper tier is also complemented by round hatches. The facade of the church is completed with a figured front in the center of which there is a rose window.

Catholic cemetery in the agricultural town of Naliboki

The cemetery behind the church, where an artificially raised mound with a cross rises, deserves special attention.

Kurgan in Naliboki

Naliboki Belarus

There is an alley with young seedlings around the Catholic cemetery. I think 10 years will pass and there will be a gorgeous park here.

Park in Naliboki

There is also such a memorial sign erected in honor of the 127 dead residents of Nalibok, Belarusian and Polish soldiers, as well as Reverend Joseph Baik and priest Joseph Baradin.

War graves in Nalibaki

Cemetery for Polish soldiers

The priest's grave in Naliboki

To the left of the church there is a small wooden chapel, on the site of which the old temple was located.

Old temple in the village of Naliboki

And in place of the metal belfry, there previously stood a stone bell tower, made in an architecture similar to the gate.

Kaplichka in Naliboki

Below is a point marking the main attraction of Nalibok on the map:

If you're in the area, I highly recommend visiting urban village of Ivenets.

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