The map contains various sights of Belarus. Not all objects worthy of attention have been selected here, but some of the most popular and interesting ones, as far as I can, I try to constantly replenish this map. You can read more about each place on the pages of the site. To do this, click on the icons and get brief information with a link and photos. Red icons – ruins and partially abandoned buildings with history. Green - operating or restored. Black - not preserved. Blue – general materials about settlements. Purple – industrial facilities and extremely specific places. Turquoise - natural attractions and unusual places.

*If some icon gives an error or a broken link, write to me on any social network or email.

*If a place has been restored, and I have it marked as ruins - do not be offended and do not write angry letters, this happens and it is simply impossible to keep track of every object.

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Attractions by city and region

Below are collected sights of Belarus grouped by cities and regions. In some settlements, a list of places will open, in some places of interest. You can select an area and see all the sights of the region.

I hope our map of sights of Belarus helped you. If you find an error or have a suggestion, please email me. For those who were looking excursions in the Republic of Belarus.

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