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Abandoned places in Belarus

Veska Zabrezze

Zabreze (Zabrezze) - where was the Nekrashevich estate?

Zabrezye has a rich and interesting history, which begins in the first half of the 15th century. This place belonged to many prominent families: Zaberezinsky, Dorogostaisky, Zbarazhsky, and later history is connected with the Nekrashevichs, from whom it is preserved here...
Ancient church in Losk

Wooden church in Losk

An interesting example of wooden architecture in Belarus is located in the picturesque village of Losk - this is the Church of the Heart of Jesus, which today, unfortunately, stands half-abandoned. The temple was built from timber in the first half of the 20th century, apparently...
Abandoned estate Polymya

Svyatsky estate “Old Belitsa” in the village of Plamya

Once upon a time, in the Sennensky district, in a place with the sonorous name Belitsa, there was one of the richest estates in the Vitebsk region. Today, the ruins of the Svyatsky estate in the agricultural town of Plamya remind us of those times. There really is a little confusion with toponyms, the estate...
The Svyatsky household yard in the village of Plamya

The Svyatsky household yard in the village of Plamya

The unusual agricultural town of Plamya in the Vitebsk region is often also called Polymya, and also Staraya Belitsa. Until 1917, all these lands belonged to the large Belitsa estate - one of the richest in the region. As expected...
Former Jesuit Church in Bobruisk

Former Jesuit Church in Bobruisk

One of the oldest buildings in Bobruisk, which dates back to the time when the fortress was not even planned to be built, is the former church of the Jesuit Order. The building, though in a heavily rebuilt form, and now even more so ...
The ruins of the church in the urban village of Holopenichi

The ruins of the temple in Kholopenichi

On the main street of the urban village of Holopenichi, you can see the ruins of an Orthodox church built in the middle of the 19th century. The former Assumption Church was built on the site of a small wooden church that had been standing there since 1712. Finished work...
Grinevichi temple ruins

Ruins of the Church of St. John the Baptist in Grinevichi

Not far from Porozovo there is the village of Grinevichi (former Bolshaya Lapenitsa) where you can see the ruins of an ancient Franciscan church. Money for the construction of the monastery was allocated by Jan Oginsky back in 1679, but he did not see this complex built...
Porozovo what to see?

Synagogue made of rubble stone in Porozovo

Porozovo is an interesting place in the Svisloch district, Grodno region, where there are enough historical sites. One of which is a former synagogue built in the second half of the 19th century. The uniqueness of this synagogue is that it is...
Ruins of the manor-palace of the Gilzens in Osvey

The ruins of the Gilzen estate in Osvey

Osveya is a unique place in Belarus, located in the north of the country. There is beautiful nature, a lot of wild animals, and in the center of Lake Osveyskoe there is the largest island with the mysterious name Du. In addition to natural beauty, there is ...
The ruins of the church in the village of Solovye

Ruins of a 19th century church in the village of Solovye

At an equal distance from Orsha and the city of Dubrovno there is the village of Solovye (Nightingale) where you can see the ruins of an Orthodox church of the mid-19th century. There is very little information about this church, but even it is contradictory and incomplete. AT...

Urban village of Bobr

On the border of the Minsk and Vitebsk regions there is the urban village of Bobr, located on the river of the same name. The place was mentioned back in the first half of the 16th century, for its...

Castles and palaces of Belarus, which everyone should visit

The castles of Belarus keep the centuries-old history of our country and attract many tourists, travelers and admirers of antiquity from all over the world. Of course, due to...

Svyatsky Manor in Krupki

Krupki is a small town in the Minsk region, located near the M1 highway. The first chronicle mentions of which date back to the 16th century, when these...

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