The fate and history of the modern agricultural town Druya been associated with the family for a long time Sapiehawho owned these lands from 1600 to 1700. During this period of time, the city received the Magdeburg Law (or rather, that part of the Druya ​​which the Sapiehas owned, it was called Sapezhin). Under Casimir Leo Sapieha, a Bernardine monastery with a church was founded and built, and besides, it was restored Druya ​​castle, laid down under the princes of Mosalsky. The significance of this defensive structure with each subsequent war (and there were enough of them on the territory of Druya) decreased. By the end of the 18th century, almost nothing remained of the castle in Druya, even famous artists Napoleon Orda and Strukov Dmitry Mikhailovich did not capture these ruins in their works. Therefore, it is likely that the estate that can be seen today has only an indirect relation to the times of Sapieha.

What to see in the agricultural town of Druya

Most likely, at the end of the 19th century, a completely new estate was built on the site where the Sapieha residence was. It is quite possible that the Milos family was related to the construction, to whom the Sapiehas sold part of their lands in 1825 (they also had homestead in Idolta). In the old photographs of 1919-37, you can see how this building looked before the overhaul.

Druya ​​castle
photo 1919-37

At that time, the Polish border part was located here.

Where was the Sapieha Palace in Druya

At first it seems that the modern and the building of the early 20th century have nothing in common, but this is not entirely true. If you look closely, you can see that the plinth and side wings of the estate have been preserved. Just all the decorative elements were removed, giving the building a simpler look.

Manor house Druya

The two-story wooden part, which burned down during the war, was rebuilt into a one-story building. The neo-Gothic pinnacles and complex broken windows of the attic floor were dismantled, and the gable roof was replaced with flat tiles.

Where was the manor and castle Sapieha in Drui
1929 photo of the year

The former estate of Sapieha in Druya

After the end of the Second World War and until the mid-70s, the walls of the former estate housed tuberculosis sanatorium.

Turbine dispensary in Druya
photo of the 60s

Since 1979, a hospital has been operating on the basis of the dispensary. In 2006, the profile of the institution changed, now it is a department of nursing care.

Manor complex Sapieha in the agricultural town of Druya

On the territory of the manor complex, a park and several outbuildings have been partially preserved.

Manor complex in Druya

The attraction is located at the entrance to Druya ​​from the side of Idolta, a mark with the location below on the map:

Walking around the agro-town, be sure to look at the historical center, find where the synagogue stood, look to Church of the Annunciation and touch the Borisov-stone, on which the inscriptions of the 12th century have been preserved.


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