Ulla (in Belarusian – Ula) is a rather ancient place, which was part of the Principality of Polotsk and known in chronicles since the 14th century. Today's Ulla  - this is already an agricultural town in the Beshenkovichi district, and among the attractions here we can highlight Orthodox church и Trinity Church, which I’ll tell you about in a little more detail.

Churches of Belarus Ulla

The first wooden church on this site was built back in 1699. Interestingly, before the construction of the temple, there was a real castle here.

Ulla Belarus
The building of the temple, built in 1864. aўtar – M. Kuscinski, krynitsa: Vilnia University Library

Construction of the stone church began in 1853 and was completed with great difficulty 11 years later.

Kastzel Ula Belarus

The result of these works was an interesting monument of classical architecture with symmetrical two-tier towers, a pitched roof and a triangular pediment. This is exactly the kind of temple that can be seen in the painting of the legendary traveler Napoleon Orda.

Church in Ulla Napoleon Horde
Malyunak Napoleon Orda da 1866

The Trinity Church in Ulla was closed in 1935. The building was taken from the Catholic community and began to be used as a warehouse for agricultural products.

Trinity Church Ulla

During World War II, the church was damaged, but was not destroyed. After the end of the war, the building was rebuilt as a club, and the towers were demolished at the same time.

Dominican Church Ulla

Since the 60s, the church stood half-abandoned and was not used. The restoration of the temple began only in 1999.

Kascel Most Holy Trinity Ula

Church near Ulle

The church is located at the very end of Leninskaya Street, below is the point with a mark on the map:

If you are in these parts, I recommend to go to Beshenkovichi or look at ruins of a temple in the village of Gubino.

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