Close to main highway Belarus M1 is an agricultural town Megeve. The places here are quite interesting. The village spread out on both sides of a small reservoir. On one side of which former manor and Derozhinsky Park. With another - church ruins, about which in more detail in this article.

Church ruins in Megeve

Similar abandoned temples are found throughout the country. Even in the district of Megeve there is a similar, but smaller, - Church of Nemerovo.

Church in the agricultural town of Mezhevo

What pleasantly highlights the ruins of the Church of Megèvos? Around cleanliness, and the temple itself is mothballed. It can be seen that the locals protect the ancient ruins as best they can.

Abandoned church in the village of Megeve

Back in the 18th century, on this very spot, a Uniate church was built. In 1839 the wooden church became Orthodox, and already in 1886 a new stone one was erected on the old foundation.

Abandoned places in Belarus

Church of the Intercession in Megeve for many years it was the center of one of the richest parishes in the Orsha region.

Interesting places in Belarus

Architecture and history

In terms of architecture, everything is pretty standard - pseudo-Russian style. The walls have retained many decorative elements: pilasters, cornices, false columns. The temple is distinguished by the quality of work. The brickwork is nothing compared to the cheap anthills that were actively built after the suppression of the 1863 uprising.

The ruins of the church in the agricultural town of Mezhevo

Abandoned temples of Belarus

The interior decoration has not been preserved. The church was closed in 1930 with the advent of Soviet power. For a short time, a school even worked here.

Abandoned places - agricultural town of Mezhevo

During the Second World War, the church again operated, services were conducted for almost 10 years (42-52 years). After the death of a local priest, the temple was abandoned and it began to gradually collapse.

Church ruins in Megeve

Inside you can see several icons and a massive stone cross. It was found by the inhabitants of Megeve, during the cleaning of the temple from debris.

Icons on the wall of the temple

Stone cross of Megeve

Another such cross is installed near the estate of Count Derozhinsky on the other side. There operates Orthodox Church of the Intercession of the Holy Mother of God.

Mezhevo Belarus

Church in the village of Mezhevo

Temple ruins in Megeve

The ruins of the church are easy to find. Drive off the main street onto the bridge and to the right.

Not far from Megeve there is a village rich in sights Smolyan. You can see a part there. castle "White Kovel", Ruins of the Church of the Virgin Mary и abandoned Alekseevskaya church.



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