Megeve mentioned in chronicles as early as the beginning of the 16th century. Over the course of a long history, these lands have changed owners several times. From the well-known family of Sapieha, to the favorite of Catherine the 2nd - Count Potemkin, and then to the Lubomirskys. However, we are interested in a later time: the end of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th century. During this period, Megeve owned Lubensky и Derozhinsky. Under them in Megeve was built homesteadwhich exists to this day.

Manor house in Megeve

As is often the case, the estate has not been preserved in its original form. In Soviet times, the building was rebuilt. The central part is two-storey with an attic. Complex architectural forms with many elements best reflect the original appearance of the estate.

Manor in Megeve

Installed in front of the house stone cross. There is even a separate legend-story about him (in 2 versions). According to the first, the borders of the principalities (probably Vitebsk and Drutsk) were marked with a cross. And according to the second version, the cross was installed at the place where the commander died during the Northern War. For many years the shrine stood near the river Adrov in the village Pilkovichiuntil the cross was moved in 2005. According to rumors, the residents of Pilkovichi were not happy with this decision, but probably no one asked them. Interestingly, a similar cross is in abandoned church on the other side, but smaller.

Manor of Lubensky-Derozhinsky in Megeve

Visually, the estate in Megeve consists of two parts. We have already talked a little about the first part. Here today is Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin.

Megeve manor house

Homestead where today the church is in Megeve

The second part is one-storey with a six-column portico. Initially, this was the main (or front) side. In 1953, a local club and a house of culture were organized here.

Interesting places in Vitebsk region

Megeve house of culture

The side cases have also changed - they have acquired more classic features. The area was given over to various shops.


House with a star on the roof

If you walk around the Lubensky-Derozhinsky estate, you get the feeling that the house was glued together from two.

Unusual estate in Orsha district

Ancient balcony manor in Megeve

House of Culture in Megeve

In addition to the estate in Mezhevo, a park remained from the old days. Spread over almost 8 hectares. A small bridge across the river leads from the manor house to it.

Park Derozhinsky Mezhevo

Megeve park and manor

The buildings of the brovar and the alcohol store have partially survived.

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