Smolyan is a large agricultural town in the Vitebsk region, Orsha district. There is an interesting version that it got its name from the main occupation of local residents who mined resin and became famous throughout the area for their tar mills. This place is rich in sights. There was a castle here White Kovelwhere the princely family and their entourage lived. Partially preserved Church of the Virgin Maryand Church of St. Alexis, which is abandoned today, but looks massive and even monumental.

Smolyan church ruins

Abandoned church in Smolyany

Church in Smolyany was erected from partially borrowed material from the castle, in pseudo-Russian style, in 1864.

Church of St. Alexis in Smolyany

Next to the temple is the tomb of the Semyonovs, early 20th century. With its shape, from afar, it resembled a real pillbox, but when you got closer, the questions disappeared. Inside, decorative tiles have been partially preserved, which is surprising, since the locals made a garbage dump in the chapel.

Tomb in Smolyany

tomb in tar

The entrance to the temple is crowned by a high bell tower, which miraculously managed to survive several wars and not collapse to the ground.

Bell tower in Smolyany

Belfry Tower in Smolyany

The church was consecrated in honor of St. Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow, who was born in 1293. At the age of twelve he was tonsured a monk and spent twenty years in a monastery. Alexy became famous during his lifetime as a miracle worker.

Abandoned church in Smolyany

Alekseevskaya Church of Smolyany

The church was abandoned in the post-war period, and despite numerous attempts at conservation, the building continues to collapse.

abandoned church

On my last visit to the ruins, I noticed that the hipped roof on the bell tower had collapsed (October 2022).

Abandoned church in Smolyany, Vitebsk region

An abandoned temple with a tomb is located a little far from the center, at the very end of Alekseevskaya Street.

In the village of Smolyany there is another church - Spaso-Preobrazhenskaya, made of wood, acting. See options excursions in Vitebskand sightseeing map of Belarus.

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