Ivye - this is one of the smallest cities in the Grodno region, but not at all poor in iconic places and sights. It was first mentioned in chronicles in the 15th century. An interesting fact is that Ivye is considered the unofficial Tatar capital; representatives of this people have been living in the city for many years. There is even a Tatar version of the origin of the name of the city: “Ivye” means dwelling.

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Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Ivye

Church in Ivye was built in the middle of the 17th century and is rightfully the main attraction of the city. Previously, in its place was a Gothic-style church, built at the end of the 15th century. According to some reports, in the 16th century the temple was converted into a Calvinist cathedral. And already at the beginning of the 17th century, when the place became the property Nicholas Kishki, settled here Bernardine orderand the building acquired the status of a monastery.


Church in Ivye Belarus

During the Russian-Polish war (1654-1667) the building of the church was badly damaged by fire. It was rebuilt. In the middle of the 19th century, the Bernardine order was dissolved and the temple was transferred to the Catholics.

sights of belarus ivye

Church in Ivye

Now the church in Ivye is a temple that includes architectural elements early and late baroque. The building is a single-nave, two-tower hall-type building. The nave under cylindrical vaults ends with a five-sided apse, which is decorated in the center with a flat niche and a lunette.

statue of christ in ivye

Near the temple, the residential complex of the Bernardine monastery has been preserved. In 2002, a statue of Christ was erected next to the Church of Saints Peter and Paul.

ivier church

Mosque in Ivye

As already mentioned, the Tatars lived in Ivye almost from the very foundation of the settlement, it is not surprising that there is a mosque in the city. The completion of construction work dates back to 1884, the mosque in Ivye is located on Sovetskaya Street, 76, in the private sector.

Mosque in Ivye

Interestingly, in Soviet times, the Ivye mosque was not closed and continued to function.

Ive mosque

The mosque is a monument of wooden architecture, in which the features of Art Nouveau are guessed. The temple has two entrances - separately for women and men, the building is rectangular in shape without decorative elements and frills. Around the well-groomed territory and a small park, it is clear that the mosque is being monitored.

What to see in Ivye

Synagogue of the city of Ivye

Ivye is often called the city of 4 confessions, so it is not surprising that along with the church, the church and the mosque, a synagogue has been preserved here.

Synagogue Ivye

An information plate indicates that the Ivye Great Synagogue was built in 1929 on the site of a wooden predecessor.

Ivye Synagogue Belarus

According to historical reports, in Ivye, before the start of the Second World War, about 76% of the population were Jews.

Ivye synagogue

How to get to Ivye?

The city of Ivye can be reached in 1,5 hours by car. Distance from capitals of Belarus about 131 kilometers. You need to move along the M6 ​​highway. There is also an option on a regular bus, which departs several times a day, the ticket price is about 11 rubles.

Not far from the city of Ivye you can see Church of Saint Simeon and Tadeusz in the village of Lazduny and Neo-Gothic church in Subbotniki. More about Belarusand country tours.



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