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Fountain "Boy with a Swan" in Alexander Square

Fountain “Boy with a Swan” in Alexander Park

In the very center of Minsk, opposite Oktyabrskaya Square, there is an ancient park - Alexander Square, where you can see the first city fountain - "Boy with a Swan". Place...
What Minsk looked like 100 years ago - 15 photos then and now

15 pictures of old and new Minsk

Minsk is a unique city, which over the past 100 years has radically changed in its architecture, somewhere for the better, and somewhere rather controversial. That's why...

Minsk in the film “Beloved” 1967

Thanks to the film "Beloved", released in 1965, we have the opportunity to admire Minsk at that time. This film contains not only gorgeous...

GUM: architecture, history, secret places and interesting facts

Minsk is full of interesting places and worthy sights, and its central part is curious in one way or another...
cheap hotels in minsk

The most budget hotels in Minsk

When the question arises: “Where to stay in Minsk?” Hostels and hotels come to mind. Reluctant tourists...
what to bring from belarus as a gift

10 gift options from a trip to Belarus!

If you have come to Belarus, you have probably already learned about many features of our country. Here...
unusual places in Minsk

Note - 9 interesting places in Minsk

If you are one of those who are tired of classic sights like museums and monuments, then you...
Holy Cross Church in Minsk

Kalvary cemetery: church, gate, tombs and a ghost

Kalvariyskoye is the oldest cemetery in Minsk, on the territory of which there are about 30 thousand graves, several tombs,...

The best dining room in Minsk? We know where.

The dining room of your dreams. Tell me, is it a simple hard worker or a schoolboy ...

How much does it cost to rent a car in Minsk?

Our editors decided to go on another trip around Belarus....

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