Village Subbotniki is located in the border zone with Lithuania and belongs to the Ivye district, Grodno region. Worthy of special attention here neo-gothic church of St. Vladislavbuilt at the very beginning of the 20th century.

Church of Subbotniks

The very name “Subbotniki” was attached to the village as early as 1545, before that the place was called Geranen Monivides (in the Geranen themselves there are ancient church и castle of the Gashtolds).

Subbotnik church photo

The construction of the church began in 1900 on the site of a wooden predecessor and was completed a few years later.

Village Subbotniki

The work was carried out with money and with the participation of the Umestovskys, whose family estate was located in Zhemyslavl.

Subbotnik church photo

In terms of its architecture, the temple is a rather typical example of neo-Gothic architecture of the first half of the 20th century. The central place is occupied by a three-tier belfry tower, completed with a high hipped spire.

Church in Subbotniki

The walls are decorated and reinforced with buttresses around the perimeter. On the sides of the building are symmetrical sacristy, and the entire volume ends with a five-sided apse.

Neo-Gothic Church of St. Vladislav in Subbotniki

Neo-Gothic Church of St. Vladislav in Subbotniki

A rather curious and rare case: during the period of its existence, the church was not actually closed, although it was badly damaged during the Second World War.

What the church looked like in Subbotniki old picture
1941, krynitsa: be.wikipedia

From 62 to the 80s, the church did not have a priest, but the parishioners continued to support and monitor the church.

Temple in Subbotniki

The Church of St. Vladislav is active and open to all comers. Subbotniks from Minsk are 140 kilometers away, the road will take about 2 hours, passing through Lazduny и pershai.

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