In Ivye district, Grodno region, there is a small Lazduny village in which you can see Church of Saints Simeon and Tadeusz. The temple occupies a dominant position in the town, is perfectly visible even at the entrance and leaves a pleasant feeling of grooming and completeness. The construction of the church began in 1904 and, according to various sources, the construction lasted from 3 to 7 years.

Church in the village of Lazduny

The temple in Lazduny is made in neo-romanesque architectural style, which is quite rare for the territory Belarus. There are churches in a similar style in the city Vileika, several in the Vitebsk region, as well as in the village Ilya. It was built from rubble stone and red brick.

Neo-Romanesque church in Belarus

Church in the village of Lazduny

An interesting fact: on the site where the modern church is located, there were several of its predecessors. From one of them, a small three-arch gate has been preserved, which is almost a century older than the church of St. Simeon and Tadeusz. Located to the left of the temple.

Brama of Lazduny church

The church in the village of Lazduny is functioning, services are underway. Reach from Minsk not difficult, the road will take about 1,5 hours and about 120 kilometers.

Church in the village of Lazduny

The city is nearby Ivye, where there are also enough interesting sights of Belarus. The mark of the church on the map, as well as an overview video:

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