Review of the weekend around the city with a beautiful name Bobruisk. By the way, this is the largest city of Belarus from non-regional ones. Bobruisk is well known for its main attraction - fortress, delicious marshmallows and perhaps the largest Jewish diaspora in the old days. The well-known group bi-xnumx way back in 1988. In this article, we will figure out where it is worth taking a walk and what is worth seeing in Bobruisk.

View of Bobruisk from the air

urban beavers

The unofficial symbol of the city is the beaver. There are at least two unusual and cute sculptures that you will definitely come across. One is on the pedestrian side. streets Socialist (it is believed that if you rub the beaver's nose or the chain from his watch, it will bring you good luck).

beaver statue in bobruisk

The second beaver is located very close to his brother. He sits on a bench at the intersection Karl Marx and Socialist streets.

statue of a beaver in bobruisk on a bench

The main attractions of Bobruisk

Of course, one of the most famous sights not only of Bobruisk, but of the whole of Belarus is Bobruisk fortress. Here you can spend the whole day looking at the vast ruins of military installations.

Fortress in Bobruisk caponier

It belongs to the monuments of defensive architecture. It was built at the beginning of the 19th century at the confluence of the Berezina and Bobruik rivers. Construction was carried out in two stages. The first is connected with preparations for the war of 1812: according to the project of General Operman, five bastions were erected, part of the internal structures, gates.

Fortress in Bobruisk

During the second stage, 17 additional bastions, towers, Friedrich Wilhelm Fort, a number of additional defensive and outbuildings, warehouses, and houses appeared in the fortress.

military tower in bobruisk

Only selected objects of the once mighty defensive complex have survived to our time, but even the ruins carry great historical value.

ruins of the Bobruisk fortress

First mention of Church of St. Nicholas in Bobruisk belong to the 17th century and it was located on the banks of the Berezina. But during the construction of the Bobruisk fortress, the temple was moved. At the end of the 20th century, a new stone building was erected.

Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Bobruisk

church in bobruisk

In 1922, with the advent of Soviet power, services ceased. In the 60s, the temple was converted into a pool.

Pool in the church of Bobruisk
scanned photo from an old advertising booklet

In 2003, the building was returned to the Orthodox Church, at the same time the restoration of the church began, reopening its doors in 2007.

Church of the Virgin Mary was built at the beginning of the 20th century and has clear features of the neo-Gothic architectural style. With the advent of Soviet power, services in the church ceased, and the building itself was transferred for household needs.

Bobruisk church with a destroyed facade

Late 60s Bobruisk church was partially destroyed - the lancet tower and the narthex were demolished. At the same time, a typical five-story administrative building was added to the temple. Church services resumed in the early 90s.

Another interesting place in Bobruisk - House of Merchant Katsnelson. It is a wooden building in modern style, painted in rich turquoise color.

Unusual house in Bobruisk

The house was built in 1912 (although there is an assumption that it was transported from the Baltic States).

Unusual house in Bobruisk

On the sides of the building there are two two-story towers, and between them there is an attic. For a long time this house was used as a library.

House of Merchant Katsnelson

The building is currently rented by a local advertising agency.

bobruisk attractions

Monument to the legendary Shura Balaganov near the establishment "Chyrvonaya Vezha". This is another unusual attraction of the city, which can be “rubbed” for good luck.

By the way, the restaurant itself is also worthy of attention, it is located in the old water towerlooks unusual to say the least.

restaurant in the Bobruisk tower

And next to the sculpture is a sign with a quote from the work, which says that all the children of Lieutenant Schmidt wanted to get to this city. In Ilf and Petrov's The Golden Calf, Bobruisk is described as a beautiful, highly cultured place.

interesting places in bobruisk

In Bobruisk there was once 24 monuments and bust of Lenin. You can even arrange a quest to find the ones left today, and at the same time admire the architecture and sights of the city.

lenin square in bobruisk

The former female Alekseevskaya gymnasium, a building of the beginning of the 20th century, is located on Socialist Street.

Of course, old residential, commercial and administrative buildings in the central part of Bobruisk can boast of a special aesthetic. The house that the locals call "Port arthur".

Interesting places in Bobruisk

There are two explanations for this nickname. The first is connected with the time of construction - then there was a Russian-Japanese war with the sensational defense of the city of Port Arthur.

interesting yard in bobruisk

And the second explanation is that the house was built in the form of a rectangle, in the center of which there is a courtyard with two exits, and if they are closed, then the interior space will become simply impregnable. By the way, the building was built of red Rosenberg bricks, which is still famous for its incredible strength and branded monograms.

port arthur photo

And as if in contrast to the old two-story building, a modern, multi-storey house was built in the style brutalism.

Also, when visiting Bobruisk, go to museum of local lore (56/40 Sotsialisticheskaya Street) to learn more about the history of this wonderful city.

Local Lore Museum Bobruisk

What else is interesting?

Old railway stationBerezina“, built in 1908.

old railway station in bobruisk

Beautiful buildings in the center. Just walking along the central streets of the city, you will come across dozens of interesting objects built in the first half of the 20th century.

A little further from the center is a memorial tower built in 1926 in memory of the Bobruisk underground workers.

Memorial tower in Bobruisk

There are also natural monuments in the city - the Giant oak near the Keramin store.

Monument of nature "Oak Giant" in Bobruisk

Mansion on Pushkin streetwhich was built in 1912.

Beautiful house in Bobruisk

In the exterior of this house, you can find several styles at once: classicism, empire, modern. The building is not quite characteristic of our architecture. It is because of this that it deserves attention and arouses interest among visitors to the city.

square in the center of Bobruisk

Abandoned brovar and distillery on the corner of Karl Marx Street and Paris Commune Lane.

Old winery in Bobruisk

And if we talk about such places, then you can go look at the abandoned ships near the shipyard.

abandoned ships in bobruisk

puppy on the background of ships

Berezina in Bobruisk

barge in bobruisk

Of the remarkable "new buildings" that can be seen in the city - Bobruisk Arena. The ice palace was built in 2008. It is a round building with a diameter of 118,8 meters and a total area of ​​22882,9 square meters. Here is an IIHF standard hockey rink surrounded by stands that can accommodate more than 7 people.

Bobruisk arena photo

Another relatively new attraction - Chapel of the Icon of the Mother of God “Joy of All Who Sorrow”built in 2011. Next to it is a monument to George the Victorious.

monument in bobruisk

It's also worth taking the time to watch. the ruins of the synagogue on Chonharskaya street. Now a project is being developed to create an open-air museum of Jewish culture on this site.

Former synagogue on Chonharskaya street 29

Or see the current synagogue on Socialist street, which was built at the turn of the 18-19 centuries.

Great synagogue on Socialist street 36

From the late 1930s until the end of the 20th century, it played the role of either a military warehouse or an atelier. But now it is operating in full force, services, various meetings, educational circles for children and much more are held here. Read more about synagogues in Bobruisk.

ruins of the synagogue in Bobruisk

I hope you enjoyed this guide, which includes the main the city's attractions. If you are ready to drive a little further from Bobruisk, you can visit manor-palace in Zhilichi.


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