One of the attractions of the Shklovsky district is the massive ruins of the Holy Intercession Church in the village Old Vodva. The place was first mentioned as the Vodva farm (in white - Vadva), - part of the noble estate of Golovchin in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Ruins of an Orthodox church in the village of Staraya Vodva

Next text ivanchikbel: At the entrance to the village there is a picturesque river – Lakhva. When I was driving my swallow, I stopped there twice: when I was going to Staraya Vodva and when I was returning. The reason for this is the beauty of the local nature. The river stretches along the village and although it is not summer yet, the trees are not covered with leaves, but you can already feel the atmosphere of your grandmother’s village.

Ruins of an Orthodox church in the village of Staraya Vodva

The ruins of the church are located in the local cemetery; in some sources there is an interesting assumption that in the 18th century there was already a temple here. And the Church of the Holy Intercession, the ruins of which can be seen today, was built in the second half of the 19th century on the site of its predecessor.

Abandoned temple Staraya Vodva

Ruins of a church in the village of Staraya Vodva

The church in Staraya Vodva operated officially until 1917, then services were held semi-underground. In 1934, the temple was finally closed, and the building was repurposed as a club. Residents recalled that a circus even came to perform in Staraya Vodva. During World War II, the German occupiers organized an infirmary within the walls of the former church, and the dead soldiers were kept in the church cemetery. Now the ancient building is in a rather deplorable state.

Ruins temple Belarus

photo – @ivanchikbel

Despite its abandonment, the church leaves strong emotions after visiting it. Below is a mark with the location of the object on the map:

If you are in these parts, I recommend going to the city Shklov.

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