Bobruisk - a large city of the Mogilev region. There are a lot of interesting sights here, like fortress и unusual wooden house. Among other things, there are also classical monuments of architecture. One of which is Cathedral of Saint Nicholas.

Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Bobruisk

The stone cathedral was built in 1894 in pseudo-Russian style. The dominant position in the architecture of the church was occupied by a high three-tier belfry tower.

church in bobruisk

With the advent of Soviet power, the cathedral in Bobruisk was closed. All valuables were taken away and since 1922 the church has not operated. However, closer to the beginning of the Second World War, services began to be held in the temple again, until 1964.

old photos of bobruisk

Then, a unique transformation awaited the building of the Bobruisk Cathedral. Organized within the walls of the temple pool. For this, the church was thoroughly rebuilt, and a 4-storey building was erected instead of a tower. (A similar fate awaited church in Bobruisk).

Pool in the church of Bobruisk
scanned photo from an old advertising booklet

And this is how the facade of the building looked until 2011.

Cathedral in Bobruisk
photo source: cathedral group in VK (
Works on the cathedral in Bobruisk
Pool renovation works

Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Bobruisk

Today the cathedral is active and open to parishioners. Located on the street Soviet 76.

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