Castles of Belarus keep the centuries-old history of our country and attract many tourists, travelers and admirers of antiquity from all over the world. Of course, due to our territorial location, many monumental structures of this kind were destroyed or badly damaged. But at the same time, there is still a considerable amount castles and palaces in Belarus, which deserve attention, because these are iconic, unique buildings that hide many secrets and mysteries.

Sights of Belarus - Mir Castle

Our top castles in Belarus:

Mir castle

Mir Castle or Ilyinich and Radziwill Castle can rightly be called one of the main attractions of Belarus. This is a well-preserved and maximally restored example of Belarusian architecture. Its construction began in the 16th century. At this time, the moat, walls, towers were erected. Then already at Radziwill in the 17th century, the construction of the palace complex began. For many centuries, the most famous families lived in the walls of the castle. Ilyinich, Radziwill, Wittgenstein and Svyatopolk-Mirsky. The last owners have carried out a complete reconstruction of their properties. They even tried to restore the old castle walls.

peace castle

During World War II, there was a Jewish ghetto here.

courtyard castle world

Now there is free access to the castle grounds. The castle has been completely restored. Anyone can buy a ticket for the tour.

Where is: Mir settlement, Korelichsky district, Grodno region

When builtearly 16th century.

Nesvizh Castle.

Another one of the most famous castles in BelarusNesvizh Castle. It is a beautiful palace and park complex, which was the residence of the Radziwill family. Erected by order of Radziwill Sirotka under the guidance of an Italian architect Giovanni Bernardoni.

Nesvizh Castle

Of course, in its history, it has been attacked more than once by enemies and invaders, from which it suffered. But it was constantly restored, they did not allow this beautiful place to be desolated and ruined for a long time. Over time, many architectural styles have mixed in the Nesvizh Castle. In it you can find elements of baroque, renaissance, neoclassicism, modern and others.

Today, anyone can visit the palace, arsenal, galleries, which host various exhibitions of museums. Belarus, stroll through the parks, majestic walls and chic chambers. Nesvizh Castle holds balls, historical reconstructions and tournaments of knights, concerts and theatrical performances within its walls.

Where is: Nesvizh, Minsk region

When builtend of the 16th century.

Castle in Kossovo (Palace of the Puslovskys)

Kossovo Palace of the Puslovskys striking in its beauty. In 1944, due to a fire, it was badly damaged and practically nothing remained of the former luxury of the interior decoration of the castle.

Palace in Kossovo

The architectural design of the palace complex was carried out by Frantisek Jaszhold. Interior decoration and decoration - Italian artist Marconi.


Now work is underway on the reconstruction of the complex, it is impossible to get inside (with the exception of one wing). But even wandering around will be enough to see the majestic towers, enjoy and feel the special atmosphere of this palace.

Where is: Kossovo, Ivatsevichi district

When built: mid 19th century.

Castle in Ruzhany

visit Ruzhany everyone who is interested should castles in Belarus. This place was the residence of Lev Sapieha. In the best years, the territory included about 400 courtyards, a tile and brick factory, a school, a monastery, a church, a church, a large library and a theater. Fairs were constantly held here, which were known throughout the principality.

Ruzhany Palace Sapieha

But the "hard years" of the First and Second World Wars turned the once beautiful castle into ruins. The complex is currently being reconstructed. The entrance gate and the eastern wing have already been restored, inside of which there is an exhibition of items and interior elements from the heyday of the residence.

Brama in Ruzhany

A small overview video of these two palaces:

Where is: Ruzhany, Brest region.

When built: 17th century

Lida Castle

Building castle in Lida began in 1323 by decree of the Prince of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Gedymin. The construction of brick and stone became part of the line of defense against the attack of the crusaders Troki - Medniki - Krevo - Novogrudok.

lida castle

During its centuries-old history, this place has been sieged and devastated more than once, but at the same time it has steadfastly defended our land from enemies. Now the castle has been completely restored and has become the center of the medieval culture of Belarus.

city ​​Lida photo

Where is: Lida, Grodno region

When built: early 14th century.

Old castle in Grodno

The first wooden buildings on the site of the old castle appeared in the 11th century, but this place became truly significant in terms of the palace and castle complex at the end of the 16th century Stefan Batory. It was then that here, designed by an Italian architect Scotto The palace was built in the Renaissance style.

Grodno Vitovt Castle

It is noteworthy that throughout its existence, for various reasons, this castle was constantly modified, rebuilt and remade.

Grodno Palace after reconstruction

That allows you to trace the history of the Old Castle at different stages of its existence. And this can be very interesting. for travelers and tourists who seek to learn new facts about the castles of Belarus.

Where is: Grodno

When built: 16th century

*On the excursions You will be able to see not only Grodno castles, but also all the ancient churches of the city, feel the 900-year history and explore iconic places.

Ruins of Krevo Castle

To date, some castles in Belarus keep only the remains of their former grandeur. Such ruins include Krevo Castle, built once by Prince Olgerd of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.


It was a defensive structure in the form of a four-tiered tower, the walls of which were really impregnable. Since they reached a height of 11-12 meters and had a thickness of up to 2,5 meters. A deep moat surrounded the tower.

castle in krevo

Of course, the castle in Kreva is not distinguished by architectural delights, stucco moldings and other decorations, but this place still attracts those who are interested in the history of our country from the time of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Where is: Krevo village, Smorgon district, Grodno region

When built: mid 14th century.

Novogrudok castle

One of the oldest castles on the territory of Belarus - Novogrudsky. This is a unique monument of defensive architecture, of which, unfortunately, only the foundation, some parts of the walls and towers have survived.

Mindovga Castle Novogrudok

In the 14th century, this building had seven towers; it was considered the most solid and impregnable castle of that time. The proof is that until the beginning of the 18th century it did not lose its defensive significance.

Where is: Novogrudok, Grodno region

When built: mid 13th century.

Golshany Castle

Golshany Castle was built by Sapieha, under the influence of Flemish architecture, which was gaining its popularity at that time, acquired features of sophistication. It was read in the towers and the facade of the house, which were not only a defensive structure, but also the dwelling of an eminent family.

Golshany Castle in Belarus

Now the Golshany castle is under reconstruction, but one of its towers is already ready.

Golshansky after reconstruction

Where is: Golshany village, Oshmyany district, Grodno region

When built: early 17th century.

The ruins of the Smolyan Castle (White Kovel)

The castle buildings were White Kovel fortressbuilt by order Prince Semyon Sangushko. The castle served two functions: defensive and served as a living quarters for the princely family. He steadfastly guarded the borders of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania during the protracted wars with the Moscow principality.

white kovel castle

Naturally, this affected his condition. After the Northern War, the castle fell into disrepair. And if in the middle of the 19th century the Smolyans had not passed into the possession of the state councilor, engineer Valeryan Titov, then the castle would have been dismantled into bricks for the local population. But the owner decided to preserve this historical heritage and not only forbade dismantling the walls, but even carried out a partial strengthening of the remains of the castle.

Smolyan Castle White Kovel

Where is: Smolyany, Orsha district, Vitebsk region

Castle in Lubcha (castle of Kishek and Radzivils)

Initially castle belonged to genus Guts and was mostly wooden, with the exception of one stone tower.

Lubcha Castle of Kishek and Radziwills

But at the end of the 16th century it was taken over by Nicholas Radziwill, who began the large-scale construction of a stone defensive fortress. It was captured several times by enemies, partially destroyed, but always restored. Lubcha Castle could not survive the warriors of the 20th century.

Lyubcha Castle photo

It was heavily damaged and partially destroyed. Now they are trying to restore the castle.

Where is: Lyubcha settlement, Novogrudok district, Grodno region

When built: late 16th century.

Bykhov Palace

Bykhov Castle It was created as the center of the city's fortifications, a citadel, which was supposed to hold back enemies. The building combines the architectural features of the Baroque and Renaissance.

Ruins of the castle in Bykhov

During its centuries-old history, the building was a castle, barracks, prison, German headquarters.

Today the castle, which at different times belonged to the Khodkeviches and Sapiehas, is considered an architectural monument of republican significance.

Bykhov Castle Chodkevich and Sapieha

Where is: Bykhov, Mogilev region

When built: late 16th - early 17th century.

Pishchalosky castle in Minsk

All castles in Belarus are freely available and everyone can enjoy their history and architecture. But there is one exception to this list - this is Pishchalovsky Castle, which is also called "Volodarka". He served as a prison.

peshalovskiy zamok minsk

Famous people of Belarus were kept in its cells: Dunin-Martsinkevich, Kolas, Kaganets, Tank and others. Today Pishchalovsky Castle - Detention Facility No. 1. The passage to its territory is closed, but you can still see part of this majestic castle from the street.

minsk castle

Where is: Minsk

When built: mid 19th century.

Sapieha Castle in Vysoky

This resilient castle has endured many attacks and destruction. He was restored, brought back to life. But after a fire in 1748, this place fell into disrepair.

gate High
drawing Napoleon Orda 1876

Now from the castle Sapieha in Vysoky only a part of the entrance gate, fortifications and Sapieha Park, which is considered one of the oldest in Belarus, have been preserved.

High, Brest region

It contains rare trees for our latitudes. For example, pyramidal oaks, larches, fig trees.

Where isLocation: v. Vysokoye, Kamenetsky district, Brest region.

When built: late 17th century.

Learn also about ghosts of Belaruswho often lived (and maybe live now) in the Castles of our country.


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