Bobruisk is a city rich in history and sights. There are really interesting and unusual places here, which is worth it. Bobruisk fortress. However, there are also objects that are rather abandoned and probably will not be saved anymore. One of these places is the former Bobruisk winery, which today is abandoned and dismantled into bricks.

Abandoned winery in Bobruisk

Just a few years ago old winery in Bobruisk still guarded, and the territory looked much better. Today, most of the buildings arrive in a dilapidated state and the reason is not only time, but also peculiar “marauders”.

Old winery in Bobruisk

Their main goal is the branded Bobruisk red brick, with the stamps of factories brothers Lozinsky and Rosenberg.

Old winery in Bobruisk

The history of the Bobruisk plant began in 1897, when the first building of the alcohol warehouse was built here.

Abandoned places in Belarus

The enterprise successfully developed, new buildings were built. In the middle of the last century, Georgian cognacs and wines were bottled at the winery, until the 80s.

Abandoned buildings in Bobruisk

They failed to adapt such production capacities in modern realities. The last attempt to save the winery was the hope for French investors in 2008. However, the idea did not go through all the stages of approval, and the investor did not take risks.

Abandoned winery Bobruisk

The building with a chimney and stained-glass windows is noteworthy. On the façade, one can still discern the inscription in Latin “viti sus unitis" (another variant - Vinitus Unitis) and the date 1946 (the date of reconstruction of the winery).

Bobruisk winery

It is noteworthy that in Soviet times they constantly tried to cover up the inscription, but this did not work out to the end.

Abandoned places in Bobruisk

The abandoned Bobruisk winery has been repeatedly put up for auction. The last attempt took place in 2020, the starting price was about 48 rubles (about $000).

Abandoned places in Bobruisk

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