City of Mogilev what to see in 1 day, the main attractions

What is interesting about the city Mogilev or as it is also calledlion's grave“. The city that could be the capital of Belarus and originated more than 7 centuries ago. Mogilev has similarities with Kiev and such a rich history. Like the Ukrainian capital, it was built on the Dnieper, and is also divided into two banks. In the article, we will consider Mogilev as a tourist point, as well as what to see in 1 day in the town.

Bridges of Mogilev and the main attractions of the center

There are 3 bridges across the Dnieper River. Pushkin bridge called the main road junction. For many years of operation, the bridge was on the verge of disrepair. In 2016, the reconstruction of this building was completed, which took about 10 months. Despite the inconvenience caused by the repair work, the residents of Mogilev received not only an updated bridge, but also a new landmark.

Four bronze lions were installed on the boundary pedestals in pairs on both sides. For the artist Andrey Vorobyov the white lion John from the circus of the Zapashny brothers became the sitter. On the pedestal there is an inscription in Belarusian:

“Aўtar idei: Uladzimir Tsumaraў. Sculptor: Andrey Verab'ёў. Consultants: Askold and Edgard Zapashny. Madel: white lion John.

Mogilev Regional Drama Theater - one of the oldest in Belarus. Construction began at the end of the 19th century. Designed by a young architect Kamburov Petr Georgievich. The opening of the theater took place on September 25, 1888. That day Nevezhin's play "Second Youth" was on stage.

During the First World War, the emperor was in Mogilev Nicholas II. A frequently visited place for the sovereign was the temple and theater. Visiting troupes gave performances in the theater, as well as screenings of military newsreels. The box in which the emperor sat was called “imperial”, before that it was called “governor's”.

Today, during the premiere, tickets to the imperial box are not sold, it is available to the director and guests of honor. On the opposite street from the theater there is another unusual landmark of Mogilev - a building with a tower and a clock.

The watch has its own interesting history. In 1991, a small note appeared in the city newspaper: "Someone Gennady returned the meeting place of lovers to the townspeople." Then mended the broken clock Gennady Golovchik, who is the creator of the clock on the town hall and the bugler of Mogislav. So the “Theater Clock” began to work again, and the residents of the city received a symbolic place. 

Minsk-Mogilev train schedule

In 1578 Mogilev was built town hall. The building was wooden and during frequent fires completely burned down. Therefore, in 1679 it was decided to build a stone town hall, the construction of which was completed only in 1698.

But a sad fate awaited the new building. At the beginning of the 18th century in 1708, when the Northern War was in full swing, the town hall burned down again. The building was soon restored. And over the next 230 years, the town hall building survived intact until the Great Patriotic War. The construction of the new town hall began in 1993, but the work was completed only in 2008.

The project of the modern town hall is as close as possible to the original version of the 18th century. The architect managed to recreate and preserve the authenticity in the new building.

Glory Square in Mogilev

In 2014, a permanent resident appeared in the tower of the town hall - bugler Mogislav. Every day he welcomes residents and guests of the city with his bugle. The mechanical bugler is dressed in a blue camisole and over the knee boots. He performs his work three times a day:

- at 12 o'clock;
- at 8 pm;
- at the minute when the sun sets behind the sky (according to the specified schedule).

The grand opening of a new park took place this summer not far from St. Nicholas Monastery Podnikolie

What else to see in Mogilev? Go to one of the oldest streets in the city - Leninskaya. Almost every building here is a monument of architecture. 

For example, at Leninskaya 7 there is a house dated 1790. By the way, the architecture of the facade has been preserved almost from the moment of construction. Nearby located Bishop's Palace on Leninskaya street 11 A.

Further along the street you can see the former merchant's house of Kitaev, Leninskaya 15.

The former building of the Pedagogical Institute, today the building of the Mogilev State University named after Kuleshov
The building of the beginning of the 20th century, the former credit partnership, Leninskaya 36

Another monument of residential architecture has been preserved at 37 Leninskaya Street. house of the merchant Antoshkevichand today a museum.

The building was erected in the 18th century. The building was repeatedly restored and restored.

From the list of mandatory sights of Mogilev, which are worth a visit - a sculptural composition Astrologer. It is also located on Leninskaya Street, opposite the Rodina cinema.

Further down the street is the building of the former Moscow International Trade Bank. Date of construction: early 20th century, 1904-06.

Of course, in the material what to see in Mogilev, one cannot ignore Catholic and Orthodox churches. So almost in the heart of the city located  Church of St. Stanislaus.

Worthy of special attention Nikolsky monastery. There is an iconostasis in the temple, which was made by Mogilev artisans in the 17th century. It has been repeatedly repaired, but the iconostasis has retained its authentic appearance.

The monastery complex is located on Trubnitskikh Street. On the territory there is the Church of St. Onuphry, built in 1798.

On Pervomaiskaya street 34 there is a 3-storey red brick building. The building belongs to the second half of the 19th century - the house of the noble assembly.

Not far from Pervomaiskaya, in Lazarenko Square, you can see memorial arch. It was built in 1780, but has not been preserved in its original form. The monument was restored in 1950.

The sights of Mogilev are not limited to our list, the city is large and rich in interesting places. In this material, we have collected only a small selection of what to see in 1 day.

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