Shukhov water tower in Borisov

In Borisov there is a unique monument not only of architecture, but also of the industrial progress of the 20th century. Water tower erected in 1927 according to the design of the legendary Soviet engineer and architect Vladimir Shukhov. It was he who first used steel mesh shells in construction. Also, his merit in engineering and architecture is the introduction of the forms of a one-sheeted hyperboloid of revolution. If it's simple, then water tower in the city of Borisov a prime example of all these achievements.

Shukhov tower in Borisov photo

The hyperboloid structures of the tower will also surprise modern architects. There are not so many similar samples of the early 20th century. In the territory modern Belarus they simply don't exist.

Shukhov Tower Borisov

The water tower is located in the private sector of Borisov, on Engels Street. The condition of the building leaves much to be desired. The area, which was surrounded by a wooden fence, is littered with garbage. And the gate at the entrance is open, attracting into the danger zone.

water tower in the city of Borisov

The tower was no longer used for its intended purpose in the post-war period. Planned to demolish, but abandoned this venture. As a result, for many years the building simply collapsed. Around 2010, the Borisov water tower received the status of “Historical Heritage”, but this fact did not change the essence.

Shukhov Tower

It will be interesting to see in Borisov prison castle ruins.

Borisov water tower

Finding the Shukhov Tower is easy, see the location on the map:

In the historical center of Borisov is located Resurrection Cathedral и Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

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