In the historical center of Old Borisov there is one of the main attractions of the city - Resurrection Cathedral. The Orthodox church was built in 1874 and is located on the market square.

Church in Borisov

In architectural terms, the pseudo-Russian style is clearly visible. Cathedral in Borisov can be safely called the most prominent representative of such architecture on territory of Belarus.

At the site of the construction of the cathedral was a wooden church, built in the early 17th century, but burned down. After this event, through the efforts of the St. Petersburg architect Petra Merkulova, a project of an Orthodox church is being developed, which we can see today.

Sabor near Barysave

So in 1871, work began on the construction of a cathedral in the city of Borisov. The work will continue for three years, and in October 74 the temple will be solemnly illuminated.

Resurrection Cathedral Borisov

In 1907, according to the project architect Viktor Struev work on the construction of the bell tower was completed. Brama brightly complemented the general view of the cathedral and looks like a single whole without breaking out of the general concept.

brama Resurrection Cathedral Borisov

During the Second World War Holy Cathedral in Borisov not hurt, was saved.

Resurrection Cathedral Borisov photo

Monument on the market square founder of Borisov - Boris Vseslavich.

monument to the founder of the city Boris Vseslavich

Walking through the old part of Borisov, you can easily find another attraction of the city - Church of the Virgin Mary. A little closer to the Berezina River you can see ruins of Borisov Castle.

Address of the cathedral: Borisov, Lopatina street, 34.

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