Village Goloshevo in the Vitebsk region - this is a place where there is tourism potential, but it will probably never be used, since the main attraction - manor Tyundevitsky, more and more reminiscent of a typical casting in the outback.

Tyundevitsky estate in Goloshevo, Vitebsk region

There is information on the Internet that the building is listed for demolition by 2023. However, most likely there will be no need to demolish the estate, since nature and lovers of free bricks will do it faster.

Tyundevitsky estate in Goloshevo

However, despite the sad state, it is still an important historical object of the late 19th - early 20th century. And if we talk about Goloshevo, then the first mention of the town dates back to the middle of the 17th century as a possession Leo Sapieha.

Tyundevitsky estate in Goloshevo, Vitebsk region

True, today all associations with Goloshevo will not be with the Sapiehas, but with representatives of the Tyundevitsky family (in some sources, the Tsyundzevitskys).

Goloshevo, Vitebsk region

Abandoned places in Belarus

Before the stone manor, which can be seen now, there was a wooden house on this site. It is interesting that after the defeat of the uprising of 1863, they wanted to confiscate the estate altogether, even arrested the then owner Anton Tyundevitsky (his brother Mikhail was shot in Minsk that year). True, they could not prove their guilt and connection with the rebels, and in the end the lands remained with the Tyundevitskys.

Ruined manor in Goloshevo

In 1897, probably Anton's nephew, named after his great-uncle the revolutionary Mikhail, began the construction of a stone palace. On the pediment, you can even see these memorable figures. Architecture farmstead in Goloshevo - This is a typical example of a classic style. An interesting fact is that Mikhail Tyundevitsky was an engineer (like 4 subsequent generations of this family) and he was engaged in designing the house himself. By the way, brick for all buildings was taken from a local factory.

Abandons of Belarus

In 1917, Tyundevitsky had to leave his estate Goloshevo and flee from Soviet power. They won't be able to go back. During the German occupation, the headquarters was located within the walls of the estate. After the end of the war - schools for the deaf and dumb. Then a boarding school, and since 1974 an ordinary 8-grade rural school.

Former estate in Goloshevo, Vitebsk region

Abandoned places in Belarus

The building was abandoned at the very end of the 90s and its condition quickly began to deteriorate. Of course, there were attempts to sell the object, but unfortunately there were no willing ones.

Sad places in Belarus

Lost heritage of Belarus

The manor wing is slightly better preserved. In Soviet times, there was first a club, then a collective farm office, and then a library.

Abandoned outbuilding in Goloshevo

Outbuilding in Goloshevo

To find the Goloshevskaya estate, you will have to travel along harsh dirt roads. From the M1 highway about 15 minutes drive, below is the point marked on the map:

Near Lake Glubokoe, pay attention to stone cross.

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