On the outskirts villages Starinki one interesting historical object has been preserved - manor Bogdanovichi. The house has been standing in the Vileika region since the beginning of the 20th century. Initially, the owner of the estate was Count Lensky. But in 1876 these lands were taken over by Tukallam. And soon Bogdanovich won it in cards and started arranging the estate in this place.

During the time when manor house Bogdanovichi was just built, it was a one-story rectangular building with a two-story central volume. The pediments have two large and two small windows. A small estate made of crushed stone and red brick was surrounded by a beautiful park, partially preserved after the fire.

Elms, spruces, maples, ash and birches grew in it. On top of that, a small orchard was planted not far from the estate. But today the park is in a state of neglect and does not reflect the former beauty of this place.

A long entrance alley led to the estate, on both sides of which there were buildings for household needs. In the manor and park complex in Starinki there was a stable, a sviran and family crypts.

Unfortunately, today it is difficult to call them buildings, they have long fallen into disrepair and are nothing more than ruins. On one side of the linden alley there were several ponds, which became shallow and disappeared.

Despite the depressing appearance of the Bogdanovichi estate, it attracts connoisseurs of old architecture and tourists interested in history of Belarus. In addition, here, on the site of an old estate, there is equestrian center "Dvor Starinki".

If you are interested in architectural buildings of the past centuries, you can visit Dolginovo. There are preserved Church of St. Stanislaus и Trinity Church.



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