Dolginovo mentioned in the chronicles since the 16th century and is located in the Vileyka district, Minsk region. In the middle of the 16th century, Dolginovo belonged to the Khodkeviches, and in the 17th century, to the Kishek family, who were left on territory of Belarus many monuments of architecture, including church in Ivye и castle in Lubcha. Agrogorodok Dolginovo  will be interesting to visit with two historical buildings - Church of St. Stanislaus и Trinity Church.

In 1553, the first wooden temple was built in Dolginovo, which burned down and was rebuilt.

300 years later, in 1853 yearA Catholic church was erected in its place. The new church was built in the style of late classicism from a more durable material - stone. The temple arose at the expense of local parishioners and a priest Kalasantiya Lvovich. He noted this on the pages of his poem "Dzyady" Adam Mitskevich.

Church in Dolginovo consecrated in the name of St. Stanislaus. At different times, from 5 to 7 thousand parishioners could visit this sacred place.

The Catholic church in Dolginovo was not closed even during the wars that swept through the Belarusian lands. In addition, the church became a haven for fugitive Jews, who were helped to hide within the walls of the temple by the rector Kazimir Doroshkevich.

Representatives of the Soviet authorities could not close it either, the church of St. Stanislaus was always open to parishioners. Today, nothing has changed - the temple can be visited any day from 9.30 to 19.

In architectural terms, the building is symmetrical and belongs to the type of basilica. The main façade is decorated with four columns on which a portico is attached. The interior is dominated by the Rococo style. It has preserved 5 altars and an organ.

The church is surrounded by a stone fence with a main gate in the form of a triple arch. A wooden bell tower was built next to it.

church in Dolginovo

Dolginovsky church included in the State List of Historical and Cultural Values ​​of the Republic of Belarus. As a small town believes, there is also an Orthodox church in Dolginovo - Orthodox church of the Holy Trinity.

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