Modern agricultural town Dolginovo, Vileika district, in the old days was a kind of transport interchange. 5 roads converged in it, along which it was possible to get to the nearby settlements of Budslav, Krivichi, Kurenets, Ilya and Pleschenitsa. 5 centuries have passed since the first mention of Dolginovo in chronicles, but buildings that are interesting from a historical point of view are still preserved here - Church of St. Stanislaus и Trinity Church.

You can find the temple on September 17th Street. The Orthodox Church in Dolginovo was built a little later than the church, in 1870. A year later, Bishop of Kovno His Grace Joseph consecrated the temple in the name of the Holy Trinity. White brick was used to build the church.

Trinity Church in Dolginovo

The pseudo-Russian style of construction is clearly expressed not only in the forms, but also in the decor of the church. The temple is crowned with a dome mounted on an octagonal drum. Small windows are cut on the edges. Each entrance to the temple (there are only three of them) is decorated with columns, on which a small portico is installed. This gives the shrine volume.

The Church of the Holy Trinity is surrounded by a stone fence. There is a gate in front of the main entrance. They are built from the same white brick as the church.

An important fact: throughout the history of the existence of the temple, services in it did not stop. This is evidenced by the records in annals of the Dolginovskaya churchthat have been going on since 1880.

In recent years, the Holy Trinity Church has been repaired more than once. Decor elements on the facade were painted in different colors - blue, pink, purple.

This temple is included in the tourist routes, but you can visit it on your own. Dolginovo is located 95 km from Minsk. Along the way, you can visit Ilya or Budslau.



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