Cinemas occupy a separate niche in the architectural ensemble of the capital. Minsk. They are considered to be one of the most popular sights of the city. This guide is especially for those who appreciate cinema, history and a unique atmosphere that everyone gives us cinemas in Minsk.


Cinema "Rocket"

The very name "Rocket" already evokes a romantic atmosphere. It doesn't matter if you like space or cinema more, you will definitely not be bored in this cinema. The cinema was built in 1958, and although the architectural style looks typical of the 50s, the interior design is modern and very interesting.

cinema rocket

Film sessions are held in two halls - "Saturn" and "Mars". After the restoration, the cinema has new equipment installed in both halls, and as a result, the audience can enjoy excellent sound and high-quality video. Also, a good viewing experience is enhanced by comfortable, modern furniture. In addition to cinema during the holidays, various events are also held here. And if you have children, then there are activities that will appeal to them too.

Interesting art exhibitions are held in the lobby of the Raketa cinema every month. It is one of the most interesting in the list of Minsk Cinemas. And if you have free time before the session, be sure to walk through Oktyabrskaya street, one of the most interesting and unusual streets in Minsk.

Cinema October

Cinema Oktyabr - one of the largest cinemas Minsk. Its spacious hall is designed for 1340 seats. Here, anyone has the chance to get a lot of impressive moments from watching both new movies and movies from different eras. Since its opening in 1975, the interior of the cinema has been completely improved and its equipment modernized.

old photo cinema october

Modern processors, sufficiently high-quality acoustics, as well as the best film projectors were able to provide sound and picture quality at a high level.

For all guests of the Oktyabr cinema, an expanded service range of services is provided: a small bar where you can have a quick and tasty snack with a cup of hot drink, a modern island with snacks and popcorn, a billiard room where you can have a good rest while waiting for a movie show, there is also a living corner where it is better to bring your children. The cinema also has an ATM where you can top up your mobile phone or withdraw money, and, which is very convenient, you can pay for all services with a credit card. Another feature of the cinema is the availability of parking.

Cinema "Moscow"

In the list of "Cinema Minsk" "Moskva" takes its own place. Built back in the eighties, this cinema is still one of the largest and widescreen in Republic of Belarus. Today it is equipped with state-of-the-art cinematographic and sound equipment. In it you can watch not only high-profile premieres, but classics of world cinema in the original language.

However, "Moscow" can surprise not only moviegoers who are eager to watch this or that film. The fact is that initially it was conceived not as a cinema, but as a Minsk cinema museum dedicated to the hero city of Moscow and the legendary Mosfilm studio. Huge blocks of cinema walls seem to be layered one on one, striking the imagination of passers-by and tourists. In addition, there is a beautiful square with fountains, the Minsk Palace of Sports, Victory Park and new building of the WWII Museum. Hands down and up Trinity Suburb.

Today, the Minsk Cinema Moscow is a complex of the most modern entertainment facilities hidden under the walls of a monumental work of art. In addition to the main hall for viewing full-length widescreen films, the Moskva cinema also has a hall for short films, the Minsk Film Actor Theater. On the territory of the theater there is a cafe where you can easily have a bite to eat before the show.

Cinema "Kiev"

In 1970, the first viewers were able to enjoy watching films in the new Mayak cinema. On May 26, 1976, in honor of the day of culture of Ukraine, the name was changed and a cinema Kiev appeared in Minsk. For a long time, as in many other cinemas in Minsk, films were shown on 35 mm film.

cinema kiev old photo

In 2009, a decision was made to repair and modernize the oldest Minsk cinema. On January 12, 2010, the grand opening of the new Kiev took place, which was equipped with the most modern equipment. At the time of its opening, the cinema was the only venue not only in Minsk, but throughout the Republic of Belarus, where films were shown in 3D.

The hall of a modern cinema is equipped with 280 comfortable easy chairs with wide aisles between the rows. And the screen is considered the largest 3D canvas in the country.

Cinema "Victory"

st. International, 20.

Cinema Pobeda Minsk old photo

Many cinemas in Minsk have their own special atmosphere. The most striking and memorable has "Victory". This is the oldest cinema in our capital. Its construction began almost immediately after the end of World War II. The grand opening took place on November 6, 1950 (on the anniversary of the October Revolution). The cinema was built according to the project of the architect I. Langbard. It was the first cinema on the territory of the BSSR, equipped with a wide screen. Initially, the cinema was divided into 3 halls: the large hall accommodated about 600 people and showed large-format films, documentaries and chronicles were shown in the small hall, designed for about 120 people, and films were shown in the third (summer) hall from May to November . In Soviet times, the cinema building also housed the department of culture and the department of cinematography of the Minsk region.

The modern cinema Pobeda consists of one hall that can accommodate almost 500 spectators. For a long time it was the only cinema in Belarus that was a member of the Europa Cinemas association. The repertoire of the cinema is often significantly different from others. It shows a lot of art-house premieres both in translation and in the original language with subtitles. The cinema scene has met famous film festivals more than once. And in the fair almost constantly there are exhibitions of painting and photography by beginners and famous masters.

Be careful, the narrow streets near the cinema may cause problems with parking.

Cinema Salyut

Minsk, Rokossovsky Ave., 150 A.

In March 1978, the Salyut cinema opened its doors to residents and guests of Minsk. In its original design, the cinema lasted for almost 30 years. However, in 2005 the cinema was closed for major repairs. After restoration, the cinema is considered one of the most beloved and visited in Minsk.

It includes 2 halls: a large hall - up to 282 people, and a small VIP hall for only 24 people with the opportunity to order various dishes and drinks in the cafe-bar.

The Salut cinema has an unusual concave spherical screen. Like many other cinemas in Minsk, it is also equipped with the Dolby system. Viewers can enjoy movies in 2D and 3D.

Cinema Komsomolets

Minsk, st. Zhilunovich, 39.

Not far from the Belarus department store is the Komsomolets cinema. Largely due to its location, the cinema is not very popular among the residents of Minsk. However, after the overhaul was completed, Komsomolets' rating increased.

The main changes were made to the halls and technical equipment of the cinema. Now films can be watched on a new screen, new chairs have also appeared, and the sound system has been replaced. At the same time, it is possible to show in 2 halls: one designed for 218 spectators, the second, slightly smaller, accommodates about 186 people. The appearance and facade of the cinema has not yet been completely restored. In the cinema, you can also have a bite to eat in the cafe-bar.

Cinema Central.

Minsk, Independence Avenue, 13.

cinema central minsk old photo

Near Independence Square, opposite the Heads of the Post Office, there is the Central Cinema. It is one of the oldest in the list of Minsk Cinemas. "Central" began its work in 1954. After a major overhaul at the beginning of the 21st century, the audience was presented with its new look..

The modern building of the cinema includes 2 halls: a large hall for 142 people and a small hall for 24 spectators. Cinema halls are equipped with the latest German-made film equipment with the possibility of showing in 2D and 3D formats and a high-quality sound system.

Before the film, viewers can enjoy exhibitions of contemporary artists and photographers. Another feature of the cinema is the ban on food during film screenings.

Particular attention is paid to the repertoire of the cinema: many important international cultural events and unusual retrospectives take place on the stage.

There is also an opportunity to try the virtual reality attraction using the Oculus Rift helmet. Thanks to him, it is possible to find yourself in a fictional world in just a second.

Near the cinema there is also a museum of the history of Belarusian cinema, the Red Church and many other sights of Minsk.

Cinema Belarus

Minsk, st. Romanovskaya Sloboda, 28.

Cinema Belarus is an example of a modern cinema in Minsk. 5 halls help to accommodate a large number of spectators at the same time. The halls are comfortable, the gaps between the rows are wide. At the same time, the cinema can accommodate up to 1000 people. The Dolby sound system and the ability to watch movies in 3D deliver a pleasant experience from watching movies. Specializes in world premiere shows. One of the few cinemas where tickets are specially reserved, giving the opportunity to get to the box office without buying tickets in advance. During breaks and before the show, you can visit the cafe-bar in the lobby of the cinema.

Cinema Aurora

Minsk, st. Pritytsky, 23.

The Aurora cinema staged the first film screening for Minsk residents and guests of the capital in 1987. For almost 30 years, 3 halls have been continuously operating in the cinema: the Bolshoi, which can accommodate 390 people, the Azure, for 252 spectators, and the superior hall for almost 120 spectators. During its existence, the cinema has been repaired and equipment changed several times. Today in Aurora, viewers can enjoy films accompanied by the most modern sound, bright and high-quality picture.

To date, not all equipment has been replaced with a new one. The projection of the halls and armchairs remained original. Tall visitors may not feel very comfortable in the "Great" and "Azure" halls due to the small distance between the rows. The comfort lounge is much more comfortable. The cost of tickets in the VIP-hall is higher than in the usual one, but it is comparable to the price level in new cinemas. Like many other cinemas in Minsk, Aurora halls have the ability to show films in 2D and 3D.

Cinema Dom Kino

Minsk, st. Tolbukhina, 18.

Cinema Dom Kino is one of the newest in the list of Minsk Cinemas. It opened its doors to visitors in 2005 and overnight became one of the most beloved among Minsk moviegoers.

Dom Kino is famous for the first modern island in Minsk with popcorn and nachos. Here you can easily buy something to eat during the session. Also, the huge hall of the cinema can accommodate 584 spectators. For those who want to get extra comfort while watching a movie, tickets are sold for the VIP row with comfortable double sofas.

The House of Cinema is also a favorite place for holding various events and festivals.

Cinema Berestye

Minsk, Gazety Pravda Ave, 25

Right at the exit from the metro station "Petrovshchina" there is a cinema Berestye. Recently, this area has been developing rapidly and the infrastructure around the cinema meets all the requirements of the residents of the area. The cinema itself opened its doors a few years ago after a significant renovation.

Spectators can enjoy film screenings in 2 refurbished halls: the "Small" hall is designed for 150 people and is considered a high-comfort hall, the "Big" hall can accommodate almost 300 people. After the renovation, each hall is equipped with a Dolby Digital system. The large hall has the ability to show films in 3D. The rooms are equipped with modern chairs and high-quality screens. There is also a bar in the cinema hall where viewers can buy cold drinks and snacks.

Cinema Pioneer

Minsk, st. Engels, 20

pioneer cinema old photo

In the late 60s, Pioneer cinema opened its doors in the very center of Minsk. This cinema with the name Pioneer, which is cute for many, is located in the same building as the Puppet Theatre. One of the most comfortable cinemas in our city has recently opened its doors after a major overhaul.

Today Pioneer, after reconstruction, pleases adults and the smallest with comfortable and comfortable chairs, a modern screen, which makes it possible to enjoy films in 2D and 3D. If you decide to stop by Pioneer to watch a movie, please note that there is no way to buy drinks or snacks in the cafe.


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