One of the main attractions of any excursion route around the capital of Belarus is Trinity Suburb in Minsk. The place is located in the very center of the city Starovilenskaya street... The nearest metro station is Nemiga. You can get from the metro in a few minutes on foot.

Trinity Suburb in Minsk photo

History and stages of construction of the Trinity Suburb

The history of the Trinity Suburb began many centuries ago on the banks of the Svisloch River, where Minskers already lived in XIII-XIV centuries. Instead of the current stone buildings at that time, one could see wooden houses here. Which formed the basis of the city center. However, a strong fire that occurred in 1809 radically changed the appearance of this place. Most of the buildings were completely burned out, so the area was actually rebuilt. Therefore, the Trinity Suburb, which can be seen today, was partially formed in the first half of the 19th century.

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A significant part of the historical appearance was damaged in the middle of the XNUMXth century, both from the war and from simple irrational decisions.

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The current appearance of the suburb is significantly different from that which was in the old days. But the fact that Yanka Kupala and Maksim Bogdanovich used to walk along these narrow streets makes you go back to those distant times.

These small buildings are perceived by people as a single attraction, and not as a collection of beautiful and separate buildings. Nowadays, in the historical area you can find a variety of museums, restaurants, banks, cafes and shops.

Sights of the Trinity suburb

Former house of Vigdorchik, at Troitskaya embankment, 6 "B". When Yanka Kupala's father even lived here. Today there is a souvenir shop and a small eco-shop.

Trinity suburb in Minsk

Profitable house of Pinkhusovich, along Storozhevskaya street, 5

Sights of the Trinity suburb

Pinkhusovich's house

Literature Museum of Maxim Bogdanovich in the very center of the Trinity suburb.

Museum of Bagdanovich in Minsk

Phone: +375173552295 | Opening hours: from 10:00 to 19:00 (Monday is a day off).

Trinity Suburb in Minsk

A few steps away is Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature. For some, the Iron Museum (in the same building) will also be of interest.

Nearby is located Island of Tears (Island of Courage and Sorrow). The memorial complex, which was opened in 1996 in memory of the Belarusian soldiers-internationalists who participated in the Afghan campaign of 1979-1989.

Island of Tears in Minsk

Many tourists have a question about how to get to the Trinity Suburb. It's easy: right in the center of Minsk, at the exit from metro station "Nemiga", on the banks of the river Svisloch.

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Tatyana Soldatova
Tatyana Soldatova
9 years ago

I was in Belarus 3 times, I managed to see a lot of things, but, unfortunately, we never reached the Trinity Suburb. I hope that on my next trip I will be able to catch up and I will see this beauty with my own eyes.