In a small village Dubrovo are located Ruins of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. February 4, 1796 is considered the start date of the construction of the temple, when the owner of these lands - Adam Khmara, laid a new stone church. The work was completed in 1805.

Ruins of the church in Dubrovo

Like most Catholic churches, the church in Dubrovo was closed in 1863. A few years later, in 1868, it was converted into an Orthodox church.

The temple was returned to the Catholics in 1919. Its restoration began in 1926, the process took about 4 years.

After the Second World War, the Dubrovsky church was closed and it began to slowly turn into ruins.

The inner space of the church is actively captured by trees, which are no longer inferior in height to the columns.

According to the history of local residents, the roof and wooden frames were destroyed by a fire in 1980. It seems like not without the participation of Minsk students who came to work in this village.

Finding the church is not difficult. The temple is the dominant feature of the Dubrovo village and is clearly visible from afar.

dubrovo church

From the central paved street, you need to move to the unpaved Kostelnaya, where the temple is located.

Nearby is the village of Yarshevichi, where you can look at the classical ant-church of 1863. More interesting about Belarus.

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