In a small village Bobovnya, which is in the Minsk region on the highway R91 “Nesvizh - Osipovichi”, you can see ruin distilleries are heritage Yanina Traskulyatskaya. At the very end of the 19th century, this woman (a real entrepreneur) bought from Narkevichi-Iodko part of the land located near their family estate. There she built a modern (at that time) capitalist distillery with a warehouse.

The company employed 8 hired workers, and the distillery was built in the classical forms of industrial architecture of the 19th and 20th centuries.

vinokurny brovar

Even after 100 years, this building has retained its appearance. Time has not touched the masonry of bricks and large boulders, the frames of vertical windows, made to the full height of the building, have not yet collapsed. Probably, this allowed the former distillery to remain the main monument of antiquity in the village. Bobovnya and to this day.

ruins brovar bobovny

On the opposite side of the factory building, a warehouse of materials has been preserved, in a similar architectural style. Before the war creation Traskulyatskaya adapted for a collective farm mill, which functioned until the end of the 90s.

vinokurny brovar

According to local residents, the buildings were purchased by one entrepreneur who planned to reconstruct the historical heritage. But alas, judging by the appearance (as of March 2016), the plans could not be implemented.

In the village of Bobovnya (closer to the exit), it is important not to miss the brown sign Trinity Church of the 6th century XNUMXkm.”

Bobovnya village, Minsk region, Belarus

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