Trinity Church in Telyadovichi

In the territory Belarus Dozens of wooden churches have been preserved. In the town of Telyadovichi, Kopyl district, you can see such an example of wooden architecture. Getting there is not difficult. If you go towards Osipovichi, then after the village Babovnyawhere are distillery ruins, you will see a brown pointer "Trinity Church of the 6th century XNUMX km»Church of the Holy Trinity located 6 km from the highway R91 Nesvizh - Osipovichi.

The church is made of wood, with elements of classicism and pseudo-Russian style. The temple was erected in 1792, originally as a Uniate. It was built at the expense of the Nesvizh Benedictine convent. In 1868 it was rebuilt into an Orthodox church in Telyadovichi.


The main part of the building is a rectangle, which adjoins a five-sided apse. Above the main facade rises an octagonal bell tower and 2 turrets, decorated with onion domes.

It should be noted that the size of the church does not correspond to the size of a small village. Apparently there used to be a lot more people here. The parish is working, the minister's house is located nearby.

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