Zhdanovichi market in Minsk: history and present

Market Zhdanovichi в Minsk - this is the largest shopping complex not only in our country, but throughout Europe (or at least it was). But let's remember how it all began.

fields of miracles zhdanovichi
old photos from the Internet.

In the 90s of the last century, many construction projects were suspended in Minsk, and if there were any, they progressed extremely slowly due to lack of funding. You can remember, for example, the railway station. But at the same time, in the dashing 90s, new facilities were created in the capital. The clearest proof of this statement is the market Zhdanovichi. Its story begins in 1993 year. It was then that the first shopping facility appeared on this site. They became a salon that was engaged in the sale of cars.

zhanovichi market auto old photo
old photos from the Internet.

And already in May 1994, the Minsk Regional Executive Committee made a decision, according to which an additional plot of land was allocated for the construction of a trading city. It was a strip of swampy lowland between the railway and the Minsk-Molodechno highway). In order to bring it into proper condition for trade, 6 meters of soil were poured. After that, the site was asphalted. And the market began its work.

auto market zhanovichi
old photos from the Internet.

To attract car buyers, state registration authorities were placed on the territory of the car market. Immediately after the purchase, the car could be registered, which is very convenient.

Almost immediately the market Zhdanovichi in Minsk became very popular. Not only residents of the capital came here, but also people from different regions of Belarus. Naturally, this allowed the shopping complex to develop further.

Gradually, trade conditions improved in Zhdanovichi: from sheds and clothing malls to a separate Food Automotive, Construction and other markets. In the first years of operation of the shopping complex, a stopping point appeared on the Lebyazhy railway.

fashion world zhanovichi

Naturally, the development of the market required the growth and improvement of the facilities that were located on its territory. So the management of "Zhdanovich" decided to build indoor premises.

This is what the "salons" for the sale of computer equipment looked like
Automotive and food markets

The stages of market growth can be traced by their names. Over time, retail space was added, and trade conditions improved from year to year. At first, sheds and clothing malls, a food market appeared, and a little later, automobile, construction and other markets. Among the first structures was the stopping point of the Lebyazhy electric trains.

To date, the area of ​​the real shopping "city" has 70,6 ha, the sales area is 196 m000 Zhdanovichi include more 5 retail properties.

The main trading objects of the market:

  • Radiomarket
  • zoobotanical market
  • food market
  • Trade town "Lebyazhy"
  • "Field of Dreams"
  • Car market
  • Shopping center Avtograd
  • TC Building Exhibition
  • Shopping center World of fashion 1,2,3,4,5
  • Bird Market
  • fruit market

The crisis in the country even affected such a large trade facility as the Zhdanovichi market. The dissatisfaction of sellers in 2016 is probably remembered by many. Self-employed entrepreneurs of Autograd complained about high rent and low sales, many worked “in the red” and wanted to wind down their business. The reviews of the clothing market sellers were not much different: the ipeshniks referred to the crisis and reduced the rented area. And the topic of introducing certificates for goods caused a wave of indignation at all, sellers even went on strike.

old photos of minsk
old photos from the Internet.

A year later, the situation in Zhdanovichi has not changed much. The market cannot compete with shopping malls and gradually empty spaces appear among the malls, and large chain stores are crowding out “small” sellers. Most likely, in a few years, this iconic place will change completely, but you can still reminisce and reminisce about the hard times. Curious stories involving men of Caucasian nationality have not been canceled!

Address: st. Timiryazev, 125-129.

Phone: +375 (17) 509-51-57, +375 (17) 259-62-46, +375 (17) 259-60-61

Opening hours: Tue-Fri: 10.00 - 17.00, Sat, Sun: 10.00 - 18.00, Mon: closed

What do you remember about Zhdanovichi market? And about the dashing 90s?


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