The Road Home: The Incredible Journey

1993 | Kinopoisk - 7,9 | IMDb-7

The story tells of the adventures of a wise dog Shadow, snob kitties Sassy and a young dog Chance. Their hosts go on vacation and leave pets at the ranch. For a while, the animals are at a loss, but then they decide that they must return home to their family. They travel through forested mountains and rural plains while their family searches for them in the same areas. A sequel was released in 1996 “The Road Home 2: Lost in San Francisco”.

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1995 | KP - 8 | IMDb-6,7

This film is about reincarnation. The soul of a dead person is transferred to a newborn puppy. With age, the dog begins to remember a past life, and with it, his family. He sets out to find them by all means.

Old but very good animal movies

Monkey Trouble

1994 | KP - 6,8 | IMDb-5,3

Nine-year-old girl Eva dreams of a pet, but her family is against it. One day fate brings her to a monkey named Dodger. They become good friends until Eva discovers that her pet has a hidden talent - he is a trained thief.

Old but very good animal movies

Babe: Four-legged baby

1995 | Kinopoisk - 7 | IMDb-6,8

Farmer Arthur Hoggett wins a pig named babe at the county fair. On the farm, the pig gets acquainted with its inhabitants and is very attached to the shepherd dog - Fly. This friendship opens up a unique ability in Babe, he discovers that he too can herd sheep.

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1992 | KP - 7,3 | IMDb-5,7

Newton family lives in his cozy home, but a little puppy changes the whole way of life. Beethoven, as it is called, grows into a huge St. Bernard dog. One day, Beethoven gets an appointment with veterinarian Herman Varnik, who wants to get a dog for his experiments. Varnik puts a fake diagnosis, they say the dog is dangerous for children. There are many sequels, but only The second part stayed with the original cast.

Old but very good animal movies


1998 | Kinopoisk - 7,8 | IMDb-6,5

An interesting and exciting story about the speaker Parrot Poli. He has a series of adventures with a pawnshop owner, an aging widow, a Mexican-American troubadour, and a would-be thief. But the most cherished dream of a parrot is to return to his little mistress Mariefrom which they were once separated.

Old but very good animal movies

My dog ​​Skip

1999 | KP - 7,7 | IMDb-7

The action of the picture takes place in Yazoo City, Mississippi, in 1942. Willie Morris can't make friends until his parents give him a puppy Jack Russell Terrier for his ninth birthday. The dog fills the boy's life with new colors and helps him find true companions.

Old but very good animal movies


1991 | Kinopoisk - 7 | IMDb-5

Runaway circus dog Bingo made friends with a boy Chuckie. But this friendship does not suit the boy's family (a very strange family!). When moving, do not take the dog with you. What follows is a touching adventure of puppy love and devotion. Bingo and Chucky encounter different characters and hilarious situations, but no one and nothing can keep the two apart.

Old but very good animal movies

K-9: Dog work

1989 | KP - 8,4 | IMDb-6

Eccentric and charming policeman - Michael Dooley give as assistant agent K-9. This agent is a dog named Jerry Lee. Together they have to go a long way from hatred to friendship. In 1999, the continuation of "K-911" was released, and in 2002 - "K-9 III: Private Detectives".

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White Fang

1991 | Kinopoisk - 7,9 | IMDb-6,7

Feature film based on the story of the same name Jack London. The main character of the picture is a half-wolf-half-dog named White Fang. His life is full of joy and sorrow, hate and love. White Fang will meet many people along the way, but the main person in his life will be a young gold digger. Jack Conry. The film has a sequel - "White Fang 2: The Legend of the White Wolf" 1994 release.

Old but very good animal movies

Free Willy

1993 | Kinopoisk - 7,7 | IMDb-6

The first of three film series. Jesse is a boy with a bad past. One day he enters the aquarium and there he meets a killer whale named Willy. There is an unbreakable bond between them. Meanwhile, the owner of the oceanarium decides that the three-ton whale needs to be disposed of, since it does not generate income. He decides, under the guise of an accident, to kill Willy and get insurance. But Jesse is trying with all her might to resist him.

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1996 | KP - 7,1 | IMDb-5,8

A story about the interweaving of the destinies of an animal and people. Cobby Bear loses her mother at the hands of poachers, and the girl Jesse and her brother Sean, not having time to move away from the death of their mother, they learn that their father is missing. Frustrated by the insufficient search by the police, Sean and Jesse set out to find their father on their own. Fate brings them together with the bear cub Cobby and this meeting helps everyone overcome difficulties.

Old but very good animal movies

Zeus and Roxanne

1997 | Kinopoisk - 7 | IMDb-5,3

Movie about a dog named Zeus and dolphin Roxannewhose friendship helped bring the two families closer and closer together.

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Iron will

1994 | KP - 7,5 | IMDb-6,6

Подросток Will Stone loses his father, who was both his best friend and mentor. After these events, the guy decides that he must continue his father's work and takes part in a dog sled race.

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101 Dalmatian

1996 | Kinopoisk - 6,8 | IMDb-5,7

The story of how Cruella DeVil villainess stole 101 Dalmatian puppies to make a fur coat out of them. But her plans may not come true, as their parents go in search of puppies. Pongo and Peri.

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