One of the most numerous birds of the shrike family that are found in Belarus is common shrike (Small growler, Lanius collurio). Slightly larger than a field sparrow, it does not stand out for its singing and does not particularly like neighborhood with other birds.

shrike bird

Outwardly, the female and male shrike are strikingly different (in the photo above - a male, in the lower one is a female). The male is recognizable due to the bright black stripe passing through the eyes and beak, the back is red, the head is gray, the abdomen is light brown. The female is more monochromatic, mostly brown.

Shrike female

The common shrike flies to Belarus quite late, usually it is the end of April - the beginning of May, and flies away at the end of August - the first weeks of September. An interesting feature is that these birds carry out all flights at night, therefore they remain almost unnoticed.

Zhulan male

The main diet of Lanius collurio is a variety of insects.

What does the bird Zhulan look like

The easiest way to meet a shrike is near the banks of overgrown rivers, in places where a forest adjoins nearby.

What does a shrike bird look like


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