Siskin (Spinus spinus) - This is a beautiful songbird the size of a sparrow, but with brighter and more interesting colors. In the territory Belarus occurs all year round. The preferred habitats are coniferous forests, but siskin can also be seen in the city. These birds in cold weather (from the end of autumn to the beginning of spring) gather in flocks, with which they move, and from the warm season, siskins break into pairs. Externally, the male and female are distinctly different, but have a similar color with the dominance of yellow and green colors. The male stands out with a kind of “cap” of black color, and the female is painted with mottles all over the body, her belly is light.

What does the Chizh bird look like?
Siskin male
Bird Siskin female
Siskin female

The main diet of this bird is insects and various tree seeds. Siskins move quickly, preferring to descend to the ground as rarely as possible.

Photographic siskin

For their melodic singing, siskins pay with frequent captivity - they are caught and kept in cages as pets. By the way, the bird got the name “siskin” just for the unusual sounds that it makes.

Bird Siskin male

Bird Chizh - description and photo


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