One of the birds of the duck family, which can be seen on the reservoirs and rivers of Belarus - crested black (Aythya fuligula, Chubat dive). It resembles a common mallard in size, but looks noticeably different.

Crested Duck male

The male in the mating season is distinguished by a tuft, white sides and a rich black color of the body with green and blue tints on the head.

Crested Duck male
Crested duck, male in the mating season

Females are brown in color without a pronounced crest. The eyes are yellow, the beak is silver-gray. By mid-summer, males begin to molt, after which they look like females outwardly.

Black crested female
Black crested - female

For Belarus The Crested Duck is a migratory-breeding species, which rarely, but can stay for the winter. At the beginning of autumn, birds begin to roam from place to place, and by October they have finally set off to the south.

Crested Duck family

Prefers nesting in small communities, but away from other bird species. Crested duck is found both on lakes, and on rivers, and technical reservoirs.

Birds of Belarus - Crested Duck


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