One of the oldest buildings in Bobruisk, which dates back to the time when the fortress was not even planned to be built - the former Church of the Jesuit Order. The building, although in a heavily rebuilt form, and now also half-abandoned, but continues to retain the features of the original baroque architecture. The history of the church begins in the first half of the 17th century, when a mission of Jesuit monks from Nesvizh arrived in Bobruisk. Then the church was still wooden, as well as all the monastery buildings, and acquired its stone appearance by 1747. Consecrated in honor St. Stanislaus Kostka (originally the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul).

Where was the Jesuit church in Bobruisk?

Abandoned Bobruisk church

The stone version of the church was supposedly erected according to the project of the architect Tomasz Zhabrovsky. The temple was a high two-tower basilica, with a complex facade decorated with false columns, cornices and bas-reliefs.

Jesuit Church in Bobruisk
facade today
What did the Jesuit church in Bobruisk originally look like?
a schematic representation of what the facade of the church in Bobruisk could look like, source: be.wikipedia

After the Second Partition of the Commonwealth, the activities of the Jesuit Order in Belarus were severely limited. Therefore, the monastery was actually liquidated, but the church continued to act as an ordinary parish church for some time.

Babruisk Jezuitska Castle

The situation changed dramatically when it was decided to build a huge fortification in this part of the city, known today as Bobruisk fortress.

Cascel of the Holy Apostles Pyatra and Paul

Russian engineers have developed a project to rebuild the church and monastery for military needs. As a result of these works, by 1815 there were no longer chic towers and rich halls, the church became an arsenal (store house), and the monastery buildings became warehouses.

Church of the Jesuits in Bobruisk

However, in the middle of the 19th century, the building began to be used as a military prison (guardhouse). In fact, although with interruptions, this appointment remained with the church until 2012.

The oldest building in Bobruisk

After the closure of the guardhouse, the building and the territory remained on conservation, but after a recent fire, the condition has deteriorated significantly.

Cascel of the Holy Apostles Pyatra and Paula Babruisk

Bobruisk guardhouse

Inside, they have already removed all the metal doors, knocked out the wires and carried away everything that had at least some value.

Cellars of the Jesuit Church in Bobruisk

Abandoned temple in Bobruisk

In recent years, there have been talks about transferring the old building to the Catholic community of Bobruisk, but local Catholics have enough questions and Church of the Virgin Marynot to mention the restoration of this temple.

Abandoned church in Bobruisk

As a result, the fate of the former Jesuit church remains extremely vague.

Abandoned Jesuit Church in Bobruisk

As expected, such an attraction has enough legends about ghosts that lived in one of the prison cells, underground passages leading across the river and untold wealth, both from the time of the Jesuit monks and from the hours of the Second World War.

Jesuit Church in Bobruisk

Old brick from the Bobruisk church

Finding this unique attraction will not be difficult, but getting into the territory of the church will not work - the door is closed. Below is the point with the location on the map:

In Bobruisk I advise you to see merchant's house Katsnelson, and if possible, go to Zhilichi, where they restored Bulgakov Palace.

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