By spring in Belarus a beautiful songbird from the order of passerines returns - finch (Fringilla coelebs). It is comparable in size to an ordinary field sparrow (about 15-17 centimeters), but is strikingly different from it in color and melodic singing.

What does a finch bird look like

This species of birds is found both in the forest and in city parks, it can fly to feeders. The main diet is various seeds, and during the period of feeding the chicks, insects are also added.

Ptushka Berastyanka (Chaffinch)

finch males, traditionally for the bird world, have a brighter and more attractive color. The top of the head and neck are painted dark blue, the back is brown with noticeable tints of green, the abdomen and chest are brownish, from a distance they somehow resemble bullfincheswith which they are sometimes confused.

photo of a finch
male finch

The female is less noticeable, the dominant color in the color is brown-gray with yellow tints.

finch female photo
female finch

A common feature of males and females is beautiful wings with white and yellow stripes.

What is a finch bird?

During the season, these birds usually breed two offspring. The first - in late spring (May), the second closer to July - early August. Flies away for wintering in October-November with the onset of unfavorable weather.

What does a male finch look like?


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