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Some time ago we told you about an unusual animal farm in the usawhere you can drive a car and feed the animals. Today we will visit a more typical place - zoo in Budapest. The word "typical" is only suitable to describe the fact that this is a zoo. Zoos are rarely sights of cities, but in Budapest the zoo is a unique place both in scale and in the variety of animal species that can be seen here.

Budapest zoo map route

Don't worry about how to get to the zoo. He is in the center Budapest. Not far from the Heroes' Square (500 meters), the beautiful Vajdahunyad Castle and the Szechenyi Baths. A ticket for adults costs 2500 forints, for children 1800. The exchange rate was just over 300 forints per euro.

rhinoceros photo budapest

The zoo in Budapest was opened back in 1865. The variety of animals, to be honest, is amazing. Walking here, you can see more than 3000 of them. The walk will be long, believe me. It took us more than two hours to get around it, but still we did not fully visit everything that is possible.

The zoo is very comfortable. First, you are given a map, according to which you can plan a route. After a while, you will meet taps with drinking water, so you can take an empty bottle with you - and go!

zoo in budapest photo

In the middle of the territory there is a gigantic mountain, around which there is a reservoir with birds and places with other animals. I would like to note that everything is planned very compactly.


The territory is divided according to the similarity of climatic zones. First you will walk around Africa. Reach out to the curious giraffe. Look at rhinos, elephants, hippos.

 african giraffe


In addition to outdoor animals, you will come across many pavilions along the way. Some of them even take up several floors. Very beautiful pavilion with exotic butterflies. There is an opportunity to just walk in it, and they fly around. They might even sit on you.


Amphibian pavilions will reveal a huge variety of snakes whose bite can kill in minutes.

yellow snake photo

If before that you knew that there is a monitor lizard, now you will be surprised how many different types of reptiles actually live on earth.

reptile photo


Many aquariums with fish show a variety of species. Everyone will especially like the oceanarium with penguins and fur seals. Even these species are presented here.

 exotic fish


We all imagine turtles to be green and small, but in fact there are other interesting species.

turtle photo

Horror fans will probably remember these unpleasant-looking cockroaches, which are very fond of the creators of horror films.


 Well, of course, how could it be without cats: lions, tigers, leopards. The safety of visitors is very well thought out. Dangerous animals are behind a grid or transparent glass.

 tiger photo

Animals that can do no harm may even roam the zoo, such as peacocks. Birds are fenced with a net so that they do not fly away. There are a lot of birds. Some of them can be met in the enclosures.


 Others, like this duck, roam the open air and show curiosity towards tourists, of which there are a lot in the zoo. Foreign speech is heard everywhere.


birds photo

 For monkeys, bears and other wild animals, their natural landscapes and conditions are recreated in a limited space.



Therefore, immediately, when you start planning a tour of Budapest, allocate somewhere around 2,5-3 hours to visit the zoo. Believe me, the emotions will be only positive. In the photo in our article, a small part of the species diversity. At the end of the walk, it feels like we have traveled all over the world, all continents.

By the way, there are still a lot of interesting places in Budapest! For convenience and saving time, you can choose a sightseeing tour and see all the sights at once!

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