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Films with a special atmosphere of New York

Movies about New York Movies about New York have their own unique atmosphere, and it does not matter what era they are about. It could be the middle of the 19th century...


Top 10 Books with a Plot Based on a Dystopian World

This collection has collected books in the dystopian genre that will be of interest to connoisseurs of this topic. Novels of this genre began to appear a long time ago, so the list ...


By the New Year - Santa Claus is different everywhere

Checkmate for those who say that Santa Claus cannot look under the Christmas tree for all the kids in one night and leave gifts there! He does not need to serve the entire planet. Why would he - the Russian Santa Claus - climb into the territory of Yolupukki in Finland? Or try to congratulate the Mongolian guys who like Uvlin Uvgin. If you want to learn more about Christmas spirits, then you are here.







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