В Zhilichi but the palace, which is now being actively restored, some outbuildings have been preserved from Bulgakov. Their condition is very different - from complete ruins to completely intact objects.

Water tower Zhilichi

On the territory of the complex there is a rather unusual water tower in three tiers.

What an unusual tower in Zhilichi

The upper one was obviously completed in the last years of operation and looks alien. The two lower ones are made of red brick and have neo-gothic architectural features.

Near the palace there is a mothballed building wings. Some sources indicate that this is a stable.

What are the ruins near the Bulgakov Palace

The building has an L-shape and only one floor, and along the perimeter it is decorated with arches with a cornice. Perhaps in the central part there was a second floor or even a tower, now it is already difficult to say for sure.

Former stable in Zhilichi

Perhaps the most interesting economic structure is ruins of the production building.

Former production building in Zhilichi

A huge building with sweeping arches stands out against the backdrop of an arable field and flimsy huts in the neighborhood. It is not entirely clear what was produced here and what exactly the purpose of this building was, but it looks impressive.

Abandoned building in Zhilichi

At the entrance to the palace complex, pay attention to a small house - this former gatehouse.

Gatehouse Zhilichi

There are ruins along the way. stables и barn, - their condition is the most deplorable.

Ruins of outbuildings

Ruins of buildings of the 19th century in Zhilichi

Like most other buildings, they are made of branded bricks.

Ruins of a 19th century stable in Zhilichi

Almost all of these objects are within walking distance from the Bulgakov Palace, so walking in the park you will certainly come across them.

Not far from Zhilichi, I advise you to visit manor Krasny Beregalso restored. If you have time, go on a full tour of Bobruisk.

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