On the outskirts of a small village Zherdyazhye (which is on the track M3 in the Minsk Region) you can see the chapel-tomb, built in the middle of the 19th century. This small Catholic chapel is located in the center of the cemetery and is clearly visible from the road.


This chapel was completed in 1860. The building was built in the classical style. However, it still remains a mystery who was the architect and who is buried in this tomb. The chapel has been in need of reconstruction for several years now.

mystical places in Belarus

Also in the 20s of the last century, a small cemetery appeared here, the locals tried to protect their lands from the communists.

chapel in the village of Zherdyazhye

The tomb is easy to find, see the map:

If you move along the highway in the Vitebsk direction, then it will be interesting to visit Begoml. There is the Church of All Saints, and if you go in the Minsk direction - Ruins of the Tyszkiewicz estate.

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