One of the best things about traveling around Belarus is the opportunity not only to see life beyond the Moscow Ring Road, but also to get some inspiration from your native places. In the Minsk region, in the agricultural town Zembin, can see 19th century church, alas destroyed, but with a rich history. Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary - this is exactly the full name of this temple, which in 2022 had a collapse of the side wall.

Zembin ruined church

The place itself Zembin located on a conditional triangle LogoiskBegoml - Borisov.

Church in the agricultural town of Zembin

The history of the church in Zembin originates back in the 17th century, or rather in 1640, when the Dominican order appeared in these places. The old building of the church, still made of wood, was given into the possession of the order.

The church that is being destroyed in the agricultural town of Zembin

The monks were hardworking people and the region was actively developed. They built a library, set up brewing, had the right to fish and sell fish.

But as often happens in history, dark times have come. The difficult period of the Russian-Swedish war and the fire that completely destroyed the monastery and the temple in 1790.

In those days, these lands belonged to the Khreptovich family. Under which new residents actively flocked to Zembin, for whom good conditions were created. After the Second Partition of the Commonwealth, the lands were taken away, but in 1807 they were again returned to Iriney Khreptovich.

Zembin Vitebsk region

The new church was rebuilt on the site of the former only 20 years later, in 1809. The temple was made of stone, in baroque architecture, turning to classicism.

An interesting fact is that Napoleon himself visited the village of Zembin, though the circumstances were not the best for him. After a difficult retreat, the remnants of the once huge army spent the night in this place. It is surprising that on the front wall is preserved sculpture of the Virgin Mary, right above it there was a cross and a stork's nest, maybe it's even symbolic.

There was a period at the Zembinsk church when hope was lit - this is the very beginning of the 20th century. Completely restored, it stood proudly in the center of the settlement. True, already in the 30s, the Soviet government passed here with its anti-religious sickle.

No more attempts were made to restore the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Today, the building is partially preserved, all entrances are closed with bars.

Below is a photograph of the early 20th century, so Zembinsky church looked at his best.

Old photo of Zembin

The ruins of the church on the map:

Not far from Zembin there are other sights of Belarus. Brilevskoe Pole - towards Borisov, Memorial complex Khatyn to the side Minsk.

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Vyacheslav Isakov
Vyacheslav Isakov
1 year ago

Borisovsky district, Minsk region - that's where the church is located. There is an error in the article. Fix it