common greenfinch - a kind of bright “sparrow”, especially the male, which has olive and green colors in its color. Also, these finches are distinguished by a yellow stripe along the edge of the wings and a powerful beak, which looks a bit like the beak of a grosbeak.


Males chloris chloris larger and more conspicuous, as usual in the bird world. Females are even more similar to sparrows and light gray prevails in their color instead of green. However, the distinctive yellow stripe helps to immediately identify this bird even from afar.

What does a greenfinch bird look like
Greenfinch male
Greenfinch bird female
Greenfinch female

In Belarus, greenfinch is found all year round. The bird can be seen both in the forest and in city parks. For example, all the photos from this article were taken near the Chizhovsky reservoir in Minsk.

greenfinch photo

What is a greenfinch bird?

In the bright sun, greenfinch can sometimes be confused with siskin.


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