Robin (Erithacus rubecula) - This is a numerous and often found forest bird from the flycatcher family. Externally Robin (as this bird is also called) is quite easily recognizable, a distinctive feature is a bright orange spot affecting the neck, part of the abdomen and muzzle. It is by this color that you can easily identify the Robin.

Robin photo and description

The rest of the bird's body is light gray with an olive tint, the beak and eyes are black. The size is slightly inferior to the usual field sparrow, on average 13-14 centimeters.

What does the bird Zaryanka, Malinovka look like

One of the interesting features of these birds is that not only males, but also females sing, although their singing is not so diverse. By the way, outwardly, males and females differ slightly.


В Belarus Robin returns early enough, in mid-March these birds can be found in the forests. It begins to fly away for wintering in September, but some birds linger until the first snows.

robin bird

The basis of nutrition is insects, however, in the fall, the Robin can add berries to the diet and even fly into the feeders for seeds.

Robin bird photo


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