First option зamka in Ruzhany laid down at the beginning XVII century by the great chancellor of Lithuania Lion Sapieha. Originally a unique residence Sapieha, more like an impregnable fortress than a palace.

Ruzhany Palace Sapieha

History of the castle

Lev Sapieha acquired Ruzhany lands from Tyszkiewicz in 1598 year. Almost immediately, work began on the construction of the castle. The cruciform building on two floors was surrounded by massive towers. As befits a castle, the dungeons contained a powerful military arsenal, wine barrels, important documentation, an archive of the family and the prince's treasury.

Sapieha Castle in Ruzhany

What to see in the city of Ruzhany

From the middle of the 18th century, the global restructuring of the Sapieha Palace began. Saxon architect Jan Samuel Becker radically changes the appearance of the defensive castle. In parallel with this, a church, a chapel and a Basilian monastery are being built. As a result, Ruzhany turned out to be a unique and majestic palace complex in the late Baroque style with hints of classicism.

Ruzhany Palace Sapieha

Huge libraries, the richest art gallery and one of the best theaters in Europe were considered the pride of the palace.

Ruzhany palace photo

Unfortunately, the history of the Ruzhany Palace is full of sad events. After the last division of the Commonwealth, the Sapiehas leave Ruzhany, and the palace is rented out. Since 1786, an ordinary cloth factory has been operating in the monumental palace ensemble.

City of Ruzhany

Brama in Ruzhany

After the uprising of 1830, the palace at Sapieha was confiscated. For many years it continued to be used for industrial purposes. During this time, the landscape park and the menagerie were completely destroyed.

Sapieha Palace in Ruzhany

A strong fire in 1914 significantly damaged the buildings of the palace. However, this event partially contributed to the return of the Ruzhany castle to the ancient Sapieha family. Through their efforts and money, the palace in Ruzhany was restored again, though not for long.

Ruzhany Palace Sapieha

After the devastating World War II, the architectural monument was left in ruins, hiding its former greatness. The main and eastern buildings, the entrance gate with outbuildings, and the arcade have partially survived.

Arcade Ruzhany

The legend of Ruzhany Palace Sapieha

Of course, such a place, with a rich history, must have its own mysterious legend. According to one of the legends, on the territory Ruzhansky the palace there was an underground passage through which it was possible to go to palace in Kossovolocated 20 kilometers away. Is it possible? According to engineers and historians - unlikely. However, there are enough rumors and stories from those who know where this tunnel is.

castle in Ruzhany photo

sapeg palace photo

Another legend speaks of family jewels hidden on its territory, which were never found.

Palace in Ruzhany today

Excavations and restoration work in the castle are carried out now. Entrance already completed brama and wing where the exhibition hall is located. The Ruzhany Palace Museum presents authentic items and interior elements.

Entrance gate in Ruzhany

Chase on the gate in Ruzhany

Outbuilding in Ruzhany

The theater building has been half restored. There are plans to open a hotel and a restaurant.

Theater building Ruzhany

Ruzhany Palace Sapieha Belarus

Ruzhansky castle together with its palace and park complex, it is a unique architectural structure of the XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries, not inferior to European residences. Located on the street Urbanovicha 15a, in the urban village of Ruzhany, Brest region.

In addition to the Sapieha Palace in Ruzhany, it will be interesting to visit the Trinity Church and the synagogue. More sights of Belarus on the map.


  1. He visited the Ruzhany Palace before the reconstruction began. The place is really very interesting and is definitely included in the TOP-10 sights of Belarus. The only thing that caused a big question was the color of the theater building - bright green. As for me, the choice is very strange and clearly stands out. It was worth painting like a gate - in a more neutral ton.


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