Geranen Castle of the Gashtolds

In the territory Belarus at one time there were many castles, fortresses and fortifications. Some survived in one form or another, but most were completely destroyed. There are also ambiguous places, such as castle in Geraneni village. In fact, from the heritage of the family Gashtoldov, very little has survived. Fragments of the fortress walls are visible, the lines of the moat and ramparts are guessed, there is an information board and a sign “Historical heritage”.

Geranena Castle 

Geraneni township was the family residence of the noble family of the Gashtolds and belonged to them until the last representative - Stanislav Gashtolduntil 1542. After his death, the Geranen castle went to Sigismund Augustus.

Geranen Castle

Gashtold Castle

The exact date of construction of the castle is not known. Presumably, the work was completed at the end of the 15th - beginning of the 16th century.

The castle occupied a plot of 27 by 27 meters. It had 4 round towers connected by fortress walls reaching a height of 4 meters. The entrance to the fortress was carried out through a suspension bridge, and around the castle there was a deep moat with water.

Castle in Geraneni village

Castle in Geraneni village was destroyed during the Russian-Polish war of 1654-1661. However, some sources agree that the fortress was restored.

Geraneni what to see

From the beginning of the 19th century Gashtold castle unused and probably taken apart. So at work Napoleon Orda It is clearly seen that the castle was already in ruins at that time.

Geraneny castle napoleon horde

Castle ruins on the map:

Preserved in the Geranen Church of St. Nicholaslocated next to the ruins of the castle. In addition, in these parts you can see the estate of the Umestovskys.

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